How to Cushion Mat with Eggshell or Foam Topper To Sleep ?

We do not recommend using even well-permeable covers such as cotton towels or blankets of more than 1-inch thickness on top of the heating mat.

We include the 3-D air mesh pads and pillowcase-style covers protecting both the top and bottom of the mat in the sets of MediCrystal and ThermoGem mats.

Please note that we do not use any kinds of foam for our protectors and pads. 

For cushioning properties, we use an air mesh 3-dimensional material that does not block heat. 

These protectors do not work for everybody to eliminate the hardness and pressure of the stones. Still, they combine some cushioning properties, waterproof protection (PVC-free membrane), breathability, and are porous enough for using the mats with heating.

Another option that is more comfortable for sleeping is to buy any topper you like and use it on the non-heating mat. 

Many customers buy an eggshell pad or a real foam mattress topper and put it on the mat while sleeping. It would be much more comfortable, and you can buy any thickness you need, up to 3-4 inches, or even more.

Such toppers are easy to handle. They are lightweight and make sleeping on the mat much more comfortable. But you can use them only on the <u>non-heating mat.

The eggshell pad is an excellent alternative to the memory foam topper. Hospitals often use such pads. 

Please note that it is NOT allowed to turn ON heating while such a non-permeable pad or topper is on the mat.

If the mat heating is ON with the topper on it, FIR heat will be trapped, and the warming mat will overheat and fail. It may cause burns, and it is dangerous. 

Please unplug the mat when you use a non-permeable topper.

But it is easier to remove the topper or pad from the amethyst mat when you need to use it for the heating session than to remove the heavy stone mat from your bed for sleeping.

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