Difference MediCrystal and Healthyline

Healthline's mats are excellent products as well. They come from the same factory that makes our mats. So really the products are very similar. Still, there are some minor differences.

If we compare MEDICRYSTAL PEMF PHOTON MATS with similar HEALTHYLINE MATS, the following may be the most notable differences.


MEDICRYSTAL mats come with crushed and polished Natural Amethyst crystals (same as HEALTHYLINE). Additionally, our mattresses feature disk-shaped Agate stones. In the past, both eastern and western medicine practitioners believed that agate has a healing effect on blood and many other benefits. Now we add these stones mainly for acupressure. I know that HEALTHYLINE uses jade stone disks. They are cheaper and more common than our agates. MEDICRYSTAL mats have a full heating area with crystals from edge to edge. I am not sure about the HEALTHYLINE design. Our mats are purple, while HEALTHYLINE PEMF Photons mats are greenish. I think our color better emphasizes the beauty of amethysts.


Both brands use the same no harmful EMF heating systems with less than 2mG emission (0-0.5 mG above background by measurements). Made in China, heating elements are thin like hair with double silicon insulation and shielding 1/4 inch thick. They produce zero EMFs. MEDICRYSTAL Mats are grounded to intercept and direct peak electric waves into Earth. 


MEDICRYSTAL purple mat has four settings (it comes with two controllers) as 4Hz, 8Hz, 10Hz, 14 Hz, or times per second. I do not know if the frequency is adjustable on the HEALTHYLINE mats. The same factory makes HEALTHYLINE PEMF coils, which makes MEDICRYSTAL, I think they are similar. The main difference is that HEALTHYLINE does not add the second controller into the set (as far as I know), so you may have only 8 Hz (or they call it 7.83Hz) frequency. 


MEDICRYSTAL mat comes with a 3-D air mesh pad to cushion it. Also, the set includes a carry bag, and a thick 3-sides zippered waterproof cover to protect both the top and bottom of the mat from sweat, leaks, and dust. The cover is somewhat thick and helps to make your sessions more comfortable at the beginning point. I am not sure if HEALTHYLINE adds anything similar. Maybe they provide a thin non-quilted cover. Maybe nothing.

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