Who manufactures MediCrystal® and ThermoGem® Infra-Red amethyst and gemstone mats?

Our USA-based company MediCrystal LLC produces our mats in China in ISO, TUV, CE, and FDA registered facilities. 

We use many parts imported from Korea, and we source high-quality natural Amethyst stones from South America. We supervise all stages of production and packing and assign a serial number to each product.

All mats are subject to stringent quality control before they are shipped. 

We back our products with a free 2-year warranty for classic warm stones mat and 1-year for the gemstone mats and other products with additional PEMF and Photon functions.

Also, we cover all products with an easy, hassle-free, and risk-free trial, with extended 45- day returns and a lifetime trade-in policy.

Our history is simple. 

We were very impressed with the healing power of heated precious stones healing and thermotherapy. 

The high price of amethyst biomats and other products made with this beautiful gem became a challenge.

We started our business to make amethyst products affordable to more people.

We shared these benefits with more than ten thousand of our customers.

We are always happy to hear that our product helps other people.

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