In which country are MediCrystal mats and pads made?

All MediCrystal® and ThermoGem™ Amethyst and Gemstone mats are currently made in Liaoyang province, China, known for their tourmaline and jade mines. 

They come from the same manufacturers, OEM of famous brands, but we do a big job for design, customization, and quality control.

We source the best materials and parts ourselves, arrange inbound quality control. We ship these parts and components to our factory in China to ensure that the correct raw materials are used.

Amethyst and some other crystals are imported from Brazil or Uruguay. Natural Tourmaline, Jade, Agate, Bian and other semi-precious stones and Ceramic Tourmaline disks for our mats come from China and South Korea.

Some inner parts and components are imported from South Korea and Taiwan. 

The manufacturing process is under the full supervision and control of the American company, MediCrystal, LLC.

We are a family-owned online store. 

We communicate directly with our customers and with our suppliers. You get the best quality products firsthand from the people involved in this business. 

We know well what we are doing, and we always strive to do our best to assist you.

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