What is covered by the warranty?

The warranty covers everything that is not your fault.

We have been selling these mats since 2014 and have seen almost zero defects.

Unlike any of our competitors, we don’t charge shipping fees for warranty issues.

We keep your investment completely protected.

If you have an issue with the controller, we will expedite a free replacement. 

If you have an issue with the mat, we will promptly send you a new one. 

Of course, please, take care of the mat and use it properly after reading the manual thoroughly. 

Please do not allow the mat to get wet or use it underwater. Do not walk or jump on the mat or apply extra pressure. There are sensors inside, and they can be damaged. 

Do not heat the mat in folded or bent condition (only MediCrystal Mini mats, Chair mats, and Flexible pads can be bent ). 

Do not fold the mat incorrectly. It should be folded the same way you received it, usually with crystals facing upwards. 

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