Is there any difference in construction between MediCrystal mats and either the more expensive or the cheaper heating pads which use hot crystals and stones?

All high-quality FIR heating pads with crystals and gemstones are made the same way. They have 15-20 different layers, but the exact number varies. The slight differences in layering don’t affect any of their functionality. 

All the units come now from Korea or China. Those factories which make the products are FDA-registered facilities. All brands such as Richway, Ereada (Hyundai Medical), Ceragem, Nugabest, MediCrystal, ThermoGem, Healthyline, and others make only high-quality infrared mats with strict quality control.

There are also low-priced, disposable, unsafe products made in China, which you should avoid because of the hazardous materials, odor, harmful EMF radiation, lack of gems’ authenticity, and lack of warranty. These are disposable products that may do more harm to your health than bring any benefits.

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