What is the amount of volts/watts/amps used? What are the costs to use MediCrystal Mat per hour?

Our mats are built for U.S. power 110-120v / 60Hz, but we can customize them for 220v. 

On the highest heat setting, our Mini mats 20”x32” consume up to 80-100W, Compact Pro mats up to 180-200W, and Professional and Single mats up to 250-300W. 

As of 2017 average cost per 1000W/hr in USA = $0.13. This means that if you use your Professional amethyst mat for one hour every day, you use 30 x 1 hr x 250W = 7500W. 

This means it would cost you less than $1 per month. 

If you use the Professional mat in your clinic for 10 hours per day, it will cost you a maximum of $10 per month. 

All numbers are approximate as the mats do not heat all the time; they turn ON and OFF to maintain a set temperature and don’t use any more power than necessary. 

If you sleep on the mat on the lowest level, it may be heating only several minutes per hour.

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