Do you check amethyst for authenticity?

Amethyst’s wholesale price can vary from $5/kg for B grade to $30/kg for A and A+, known as jewelry grade —that’s a large gap. All MediCrystal mats are made with Grade A or higher amethyst.

To be traded as jewel stones, amethysts are processed. The difference between natural and refined amethysts is similar to that of rough and cut diamonds. 

Amethyst has come down in price many times ever since new mines in South America were discovered. But in ancient times, it was one of the most precious stones and one of the five main gems, together with ruby, diamond, emerald, and sapphire.

We don’t see a reason to check each batch of gemstones coming to China, as there are rather strict laws against fraud — if a Brazil supplier sells it as amethyst A or AB grade, it should be a mix of amethysts of different grades with the possible addition of 1-2% other stones at most. 

It is not so important for healing devices how pure the amethyst stones are or what additions are in the blend. 

No matter what grade it is, amethyst is considered the main healing stone. 

You may remember that rubies were used in lasers for their ability to accumulate light energy and concentrate it in a beam. Amethyst works similarly. It gets any heat (from sun, electricity, fire, one’s body), but when it gets hot, it starts to emit heat itself and concentrates it in a range that promotes the healing functions of the human body.

In general, we trust that honest people surround us. We have checked the crystals coming to China several times, and we have certificates you can readily view in the user guides. 

Of course, everybody can repeat this study — it's not expensive, and it's very simple. The refractive index maybe is measured without even opening the mat. If you go to a gemologist, they will confirm that the stones in your mat are true amethysts, and if they are experienced, they will also determine the grade and origin.

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