What is the advantage of mixed amethyst/tourmaline, or even amethyst/ tourmaline/jade/ agate, vs only amethyst, in one device? This would be used in a physical therapy/acupuncture clinic. Thanks!

Amethyst is considered the main healing stone. When preheated, it emits rays in the range of between 5 and 14 microns, considered bio-compatible and bio-resonant, so we use amethyst as the main crystal for Far Infrared Rays generation. 

The portion of amethyst in the mats is usually 50—75%. For example, Bio Magnetic V-mats are made with 75% amethyst and 25% tourmaline.

Amethyst crystals also have the natural ability to generate ions. When they are heated, they produce more ions. If there is nobody on the mat, it may emit 200-300 ions per cc.

But natural black tourmaline shows stronger pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties, generating more negative ions upon heating or under pressure. This stone also produces FIR Radiant heat as well.

Though all MediCrystal mats have special anion generating layers inside, mats with tourmaline produce more ions naturally and may be better for relaxation, sleeping, or revitalizing the body.

Such mats can create up to 500-1500 ions per cc of air upon heat distortion from the mat’s heating system or even by using your body warmth when you lay on an unpowered mat.

Pure amethyst mats are preferable for classic detox procedures when high heat is necessary.

Jade, agate, tourmaline, amethyst, bian-stone, and other semi-precious stones and ceramics used in MediCrystal and ThermoGem mats have a long history of healing crystals in traditional Eastern medicine. 

These stones have similar properties and features but may work differently for different people, depending on their beliefs or preferences. 

In such cases, a combination of different stones’ healing potential in one mat may make it more powerful and universal.

The mat may also look more visually appealing for patients.

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