What is the small clear plastic vial with a tiny little metal cylinder in it included with the set of my bio-magnetic mat?

This is a simple device for testing the PEMF (pulsating electromagnetic fields) function. 

We cannot feel PEMF with our body’s sensors, but when the metal cylinder moves inside the vial when the PEMF function is set to ON, it is active.

Please, check this video:

You may also make such a device yourself; just put the smallest piece of metal like a staple or a tiny nut into a plastic disposable cup. It will work the same way for testing the PEMF function.

When you press the PEMF button, the function is activated for 15-30 minutes every 1-2 hour cycle (depending on the controller model). 

The tester should show that it is working. If the PEMF button is pressed, the PEMF light on the controller is ON, and if a half-hour has not passed yet, this tester should show the metal piece inside the rattle when you put the vial on the coil or a half-inch above the mat. This movement is the reaction to the magnetic field pulsing. It is stronger when closer to the PEMF coils and diminishes with distance.

It means that the PEMF system is functioning properly.

Bio Magnetic Pulsation or PEMF means that North and south magnetic poles of the built-in magnetic coils are quickly alternated at speeds around 10 times per second (10Hz), creating a dynamic Very Low-Frequency magnetic wave with a wavelength of 6 million meters, the same length as the sun and Earth's natural magnetic waves.  

Pulsation brings this energy into the body’s cells. It is not like vibration, which you can feel; this is why a special device is necessary to detect it.

Small electrical currents and magnetic fields exist in the human body as a part of the natural chemical reactions and biological processes, such as brain activity, digestion, circulation, or cellular potentials. PEMF coils emit EMFs biologically identical to these frequencies created by the body's cells, organs, bone, and tissues. They produce safe, natural magnetic fields alternating at very low or ultra-low frequencies and complement the chemistry and functions of the body.

PEMF coils positioned inside the mat’s layers direct pulsed magnetic fields through the body tissues to stimulate cellular repair and regeneration. 

We can also think of PEMF therapy as a battery recharger for human cells. When we get sick, that voltage can drop to as low as -30 millivolts, or even lower in the case of some terminal diseases.

PEMF may provide healing effects maintaining the human cell potential at -70–90 millivolts. It can have a very relaxing and refreshing effect.

Much scientific research has found PEMF beneficial for bone and joint health. It also has a direct influence on our nerves and may cause neural inhibition of pain signals. You can find out more info about PEMF in these PUBMED search results,


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