Do you consider MediCrystal Mat to be as good as the Richway Bio Pad with amethyst and tourmaline stones?

Richway Biomat is a great product. It passed through several clinical studies and got a 510K approval from FDA. The studies done with Biomats proved that hot amethyst is indeed efficient at relieving muscle pains, joint pain associated with arthritis, strains, stress, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), backache — and it proved effective even at relieving pain associated with cancer.

Even studies show that the body’s core temperature is maintained at healthy increased levels even 8 hours after the procedure. It makes us active again and boosts our immunity even at 50-60 years past our prime.

Our manufacturer is 10 years old, and though their products were not studied in the U.S.A., they are widely used in Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and other Asian countries.

MediCrystal® Reddish Brown Classic amethyst mats, with a triangular window showing amethysts infused throughout the mat from edge to edge and our Reddish Brown Classic V-mats with V-shape window showing two types of crystals natural amethyst and black tourmaline, are very similar to Richway products. Our Classic mats are without such additional functions as PEMF and Photon (monochromic red light, they are great for generating deeply impactful FIR heat.

Other our mats are even superior to most of the hot stone mats on the market today, as they are enriched with additional functions such as PEMF and Photon, making them truly unique healing devices.

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