How do MediCrystal mats compare (similarities and differences) to the Richway Bio Mat?

Richway has a well-known brand dominating the market and 20 years’ history in the USA, while our mats were mainly sold in Asian markets to professionals and have been here for 3 years. 

There were a lot of scientific studies, publications, books about the Biomat.

But now MediCrystal mats are sold directly to customers through online channels at significantly lower prices than Richway Biomat, which is mostly sold through middlemen and MLM.

Of course, Richway Biomats are products of great quality and a long history. They are shipped with good quality hard shell storage cases, while MediCrystal ships with soft bags packed into great printed boxes that are more visually appealing. The bottom side of each mat is finished with beautiful ornaments. MediCrystal mats are not packed with the same high-end degree of sophistication.

Though there is also some difference in minor features/layers, we consider that MediCrystal and Richway are similarly high-quality products with similar functions. If you tried the Richway Biomat, you should expect a similar experience from the Classic Red-Brown types of our MediCrystal mats, which are very similar in technology. 

MediCrystal mats with additional functions work the same for most applications (FIR heat, crystal rays, natural negative ions generated by the amethyst and anion layers).  

But in addition to all other features, they are featured with red LED 660NM photons (which may be beneficial for all body skin and nerves anti-aging) and PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field function), adding more beneficial effects. 

MediCrystal mats have more precise heating adjustability, down to 1°C increment, while Richway Biomats have 7-10 levels within the same range between 86 and 158°F (30 and 70°C).

The top layer of the Richway Single, Queen, and King biomats is plastic film. The top layer of all the Red-Brown MediCrystal mats is soft and luxurious artificial suede with heat-stable, ultrasonic bond lines that reveal the crystals. They never decompose, and the stones will never go out like has been claimed regarding the Richway Biomats.

Other MediCrystal mats’ top layer is made of a special, more permeable mesh net fabric. It may be a little harder than the softer Red-Brown mat suede. Still, we ship all our mats with a multilayer quilted waterproof Protector and a thick 3-D Air Mesh cushioning Pad to eliminate the extra pressure of the crystals’ surface.

MediCrystal mats are covered with a 1- or 2-year warranty and lifetime service. Richway promises warranty terms as “3 years, “ but really, only the 1st year is covered by a free warranty like ours; the remaining 2 years are a paid service commitment — it costs money to repair the Biomat after the 1st year.

MediCrystal’s warranty is really FREE and FULL.

When a MediCrystal mat is under warranty, our customers do not pay for shipping if a unit needs to be sent back. These mats are heavy; the cost of shipping them back would be expensive. 

Richway’s warranty states in small letters that after several months they charge for shipping both ways for warranty-related issues, whereas we do not charge at all. All high-quality FIR heating pads with crystals and gemstones are made basically the same way. They have 15-20 different layers, depending on how you count them. Small differences in these insert layers don’t really affect functionality.

We now carry 8 collections of MediCrystal Gemstone mats, and each of them has distinctive features.

All MediCrystal mats produce FIR heat and negative ions, have a heating range adjustable between 86 and 158°F and emit zero harmful EMFs. 

The PEMF technology used in our Bio-Magnetic mats may give more benefits for some customers for pain relief, relaxation, bone and tendon issues.

The Photon function is 660Nm red light, which has been found beneficial for skin treatment and rejuvenation.

You can find more information about PEMF and LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy, often referred to as simply “red light”) technologies on Pubmed’s website.

If you need all functions to be combined in one mat, we would recommend the tan ThermoGem mats or Purple Bio-Magnetic mats.

So now we have the following 8 lines of mats, pillows, belts.

1. Classic Red-brown amethyst mats, with triangular window showing tumbled 3-10 mm natural amethysts in suede tubes forming all the mat's top layer. These mats have been used for many years, almost for all conditions. They have a long history of use, more reviews, and maybe more reliable (as they have fewer functions). MediCrystal Classic mats are covered with a 2-year warranty, while all other mats have a 1-year warranty.

2. Red-Brown amethyst tourmaline Classic V-mats, infused with 50% amethyst and 50% tourmaline, visible through a V-shape window. Similar to the Classic mats but with natural tourmaline added. Featured with new controllers and new connectors.

3. Red-Brown amethyst tourmaline Bio Magnetic PEMF V-mats, infused with 75% amethyst and 25% tourmaline, visible through a V-shape window. Similar to the Classic mats, but have natural tourmaline, and PEMF added.

4. 4-Gems Bio Magnetic PEMF Mat in Ivory Croco PU-Leather. This FIR Mat is built with very special jade, tourmaline, agate, and amethyst in 1"- 1 3/4” (25-40 mm) large, disk-shaped natural stones to a special mesh fabric by an artisan sewing method and without glue.  

5. Purple Bio Magnetic PEMF Photon amethyst Mat. This FIR Mat with additional PEMF and Red Light functions contains a thick layer of tumbled 3-10 mm natural amethyst crystals together with 1.2" (30 mm) disk-shaped agate stones, affixed to our special mesh fabric by an artisan sewing method, without glue.

6. Tan ThemoGem 3 Gems Bio Magnetic Photon Mat also featured with PEMF and 660Nm Red Light functions. This mat comes with approximately 50-60% tumbled natural amethyst crystals and 20-25% each natural (non-ceramic) black tourmaline and green jade, all completely visible and affixed to our special mesh fabric. These mats also have several lines of 1.2” (28-32 mm) ceramic tourmaline hexagons of the famous Korean NightShine brand.

7. Flexible Bendable Thin Tan Croco ThermoGem style FIR Heating pads come with approximately 50-60% tumbled natural amethyst crystals and 20-25% of each natural (non-ceramic) black tourmaline and green jade, affixed to our special mesh fabric. These pads also have several lines of 1.2” (28-32 mm) ceramic tourmaline hexagons of the famous Korean NightShine brand.

8. Flexible Bendable Thin 3 Gems pads in Tan Croco PU-Leather. These FIR pads are built with very special jade, tourmaline, and bian-stone (Sibin Pumice) of 1"- 1 1/4” (25-30 mm) dome-shaped disks stones affixed to our special mesh fabric.

All these mats are manufactured in China, in the same FDA-registered factories as are other famous brands. The difference is in design, stone types used, some inner layers, and particular details. We strive to source the highest quality parts and order the most advanced specifications so that our products outperform our competitors.

The main differences between different types of MediCrystal mats are:

  • Design. All are visually appealing but quite different.
  • Gems used. Natural amethyst is the main healing stone of our mats. Still, other natural semi-precious crystals are used in some of our models; such s jade, tourmaline, agate, bian-stone, and tourmaline ceramics. 
  • Gems shape. Most parts of our mats are made with 3-9 mm tumbled stones, but some are featured with big stone disks or tourmaline ceramic octagons.
  • Flexibility: Most parts of our mats are used on a flat surface as a bed, sofa, mattress, floor. Some others are completely flexible and can be used as wraps or blankets.
  • Additional Functions. All Classic mats have FIR Heat and negative ion layers; other mats have PEMF (Bio-Magnetic) and/or Red Light 660NM LLLT (Bio-Photon) functions.
  • Warranties. Classic MediCrystal mats with FIR and NEGATIVE ION functions have a 2-year warranty, the longest in the industry. A 1-year warranty covers all other MediCrystal mats with additional functions. 

You can find out more info about regeneration and healing effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) by searching the Pubmed website:

660nm red LED light therapy is considered great for skin anti-aging and microcirculation improvement. There is some info in this study:

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