Are MediCrystal heating systems EMF free or zero EMF?

All MediCrystal® mats come with EMF-free (less than 2 mG by the specification and less than 0.2 mG by measurements), new-generation advanced heating systems. 

There are some customers' reviews and competitors' videos about electrical noise when the mat is plugged into the socket. 

It is not the same as harmful low-frequency EMFs or radio frequencies and refers mainly to the house wiring and the distance between the ground and the device (measured in volt per meter v/m). 

Also, some popular analog devices like a Tri-field meter need regular calibration, rarely done in reality. If you hold it in your hand, it compresses e-fields and shows much higher measurements. If you do not ground the device, it may cause distortion as well. 

We check our mats with professional earthed meters and follow the correct measurement procedure, and there are no harmful EMFs (measured in mG) or dirty electricity if everything is wired correctly. 

You can find our testing videos on

Fortunately, now reliable testers are affordable for everyone, and you can measure yourself. The best EMF meters for home use combine sensitivity in a broad range, filtering out the noise distortions and simplicity to use. 

We recommend K2 meter (we do not have any relations to the sellers) manufactured in the USA and offered at around $60 on Amazon Prime. 

This tester covers frequencies from 50 to 20,000 Hz which may indeed be dangerous for health. You do not need to learn how to use it or calibrate it once a year. 

It works fine in your hand for any appliances, outlets, wires in the walls, and even ghosts.

Of course, if you are oversensitive to any electrical or magnetic fields, please notice that some parts of all electrical devices including all brands of FIR mats may emit relatively higher EMF levels. 

These parts are plugs, connectors, controllers, overheat protection bimetal switches which on full power can emit up to 2-8mG. Though these are still safe levels, it is better to put the controller at some distance from your head, if you sleep on the plugged into the socket mat. 

Also, it is better to use an amethyst pillow (or at least the regular one) to avoid the occasional contact between your head and the connection terminal. Alternatively, you can lay your body on the mat with your feet towards the connector terminal near the mat logo. 

If you do not feel comfortable on the powered mat while sleeping, you can eliminate exposure to any electricity just by preheating your gemstone mat to maximum temperature and unplugging it from the power outlet before you lie on it. 

It is the best safest practice for all users.

Hot crystals accumulate warmth and emit infrared rays and negative ions even without electric power. 

It is safe for long all-night sessions to avoid dehydration, overstimulation, and buzz side effects. 

When the mat cools down, it utilizes your body's warmth to release infrared rays and negative ions naturally and safely.

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