Does the controller show the current temperature as well as the selected temperature?

When you turn ON the controller and rotate the temperature dial, or adjust heat with the temperature button, the controller display will show the selected temperature for several seconds, then reverts back to showing the current temperature of the mat. 

The numbers will go up if the mat is heating or go down if the mat is cooling down. 

When you turn OFF the controller, please remember to rotate the temperature dial to the lowest position first. Otherwise when you try to turn ON the controller the next time if will not go ON until you set the dial to the lowest position (with some of controller models).

Always first tightly connect the controller to the mat and only then to the wall socket. If you connect controller to the power source first, it will transfer into safe mode and you will have to reconnect. 

Do not forget that the timer needs to be activated for the mat to heat up, and when the time setting elapses it will automatically stop heating. 

You can also find more information about controllers on the MediCrystal youtube channel.  

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