How to start using the medicrystal mat?

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  1. Please study the User Guide included with the mat before first use. The mat is easy to operate, but the User Guide has important safety information and many different useful tips that may help you get more benefits and accelerate the learning curve. Be sure to completely study the list of contraindications and discuss them with a health professional.
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  3. It's always recommended to consult your doctor first, especially if you have any chronic disease. Even if your health professional is not familiar with hot crystal FIR Therapy, doctors usually can give good advice about how such or similar well-known technologies like sauna therapy will work, especially in the case of any existing health condition. 
  4. When you get the box with your mat, if it is too cold or too hot or wet outside, please keep the mat inside for an hour to adjust to room temperature before connecting to the power socket. Open the box and take out the mat carefully, especially if it is a large size mat. It may be too heavy, and you may need someone’s help. Check that all accessories are included. Put the mat on the floor, bed, or another flat surface with the side of the crystal facing up. 
  5. The mat should not be used outside if you are not sure about the weather. Use it indoors on a flat surface as a massage table, bed, sofa, mattress, or floor. It’s ok if the surface is not ideally hard and flat as aboard. 
  6. Only the flexible MediCrystal pads and blankets can be bent to wrap your body or used on a chair or recliner while heating. Classic Mini Mat (20x32") can also be bent up to 90o degrees to cover your body while heating. Chair Mat is a preferable choice for sitting therapy.
  7. MediCrystal mats have special layers in the bottom that reflect the heat upwards. But if you use your mat on a hardwood floor or a memory foam mattress, it may be better to put a towel under the mat to dissipate any remaining heat. If you have the MediCrystal pillowcase type of protector, it may be enough.
  8. Our mats are made for U.S. electricity, 110-120V/60Hz, with plugs for a standard U.S. grounded socket and direct plug-in to 220-240v sockets worldwide.
  9. If your area is subject to frequent electrical blackouts or power spikes, it could be better to connect the device to electricity through a surge protector, AVR, or UPS device similar to that which protects computers or refrigerators. It will protect the controller from any malfunctions resulting from a power surge. Please remember to turn the controller OFF and unplug the mat from the power socket after use.
  10. The most frequent reason for initial controller malfunction is an incorrect order of connection. It is necessary to connect the mat to the controller FIRST, TIGHTLY, and only after this should you plug the controller into the outlet, then turn it on and set the timer. Only after this, you may choose the heating mode. When you disconnect, first turn the controller to OFF, then disconnect the plug from the socket —and only after this (if it is necessary), unplug the controller from the mat. Do not disconnect the controller from the mat more frequently than necessary to avoid the connection becoming loose. If you connect the controller to the power source first (before connecting it to the mat), the safety program will lock the controller and put it in ‘safe mode. It may start to beep or will show only lines or OF or OP error on the screen. To reactivate the controller, reconnect it in the correct order.
  11. Before turning controllers with temperature dials ON / OFF, please ensure that the temperature dial is in the lowest position.
  12. The first heating of the mat should be to test the mat at the highest temperature level (70˚ degrees C equal to 158˚ F)* for 2-3 hours. This will also help purge any possible odors from the fabric and other layers’ remaining volatile particles. If you are oversensitive to smells, you may choose to air it out in a garage overnight. Our mats are made from the highest quality, ‘zero-emission materials, but it is still better to do this. Please do not put the protector on the mat or lay on it during this time. Cover the mat with a thick blanket and leave it periodically, checking how hot it is under the blanket.
  13. NEVER cover the mat with anything but the covers provided with it or towels, sheets, and blankets made from natural materials (like cotton, bamboo). The material has to be permeable to FIR rays. If the material is not permeable (rubber), the FIR heat will be trapped, the mat could overheat and even burn. Some examples of not allowed objects on top of the mat can be - controllers, thick pillows, books, yoga, and camping mats. So, for your own safety, please, never keep or put anything on the mat besides permeable covers. Only your body can be on the mat. 
  14. Find a secure, dedicated area with calm surroundings and a good time to use your mat with some degree of concentration. Put up “no disturb signs” and play some soothing music to enhance the healing process. Put on comfortable sleepwear and relax. It may be a good idea to clean and scrub your body to open the pores before your sessions, as this will facilitate sweating and detoxification.
  15. It usually takes around 30-60 minutes for the Mat to reach the maximum temperature if you put both a thick protector and a thick blanket on top. The heating stops and resumes again when the mat cools down to maintain the set temperature. During this time, the gems become very warm and emit radiant Far Infra-Red rays. For extra electrical safety, the heating wires are positioned a short distance from the mat’s edges. The end tubes with crystals are heated indirectly by other stones (these stones may have a slightly lower temperature). The surface temperature of the bare mat under the blanket, or your body if you are on the mat, becomes hot to the touch, especially in those areas which are covered by film or mesh. At maximum heat level, It will reach 140˚-160˚F on the surface if measured immediately after you stand up or remove the thick blanket. But if you measure the bare mat surface temperature in several minutes again, it will be much lower, around 110-130˚F. If the mat is uncovered, and room temperature is low, or the airflow is strong, it will cool the mat very quickly. This is normal — when preheated, the crystals transfer most of the energy in Far Infrared Rays. Hot stones radiate heat very quickly. If you keep your mat open without the protector pad, blanket, or your body on it, the heat is dissipated — and though the controller may continue to show a rather high temperature inside the mat’s heating elements, the surface will be merely warm to touch even on the highest level. 
  16. With the MediCrystal Logo on it, the top of the mat is not a heated area, but this and other non-heated areas of the mat still have anion layers to generate negative ions. 
  17. Due to the artisan nature of the construction process, there is some difference between mats regarding the maximum temperature they may reach in the same conditions. If the mat is covered, the max level may be in the range of 66˚-72˚C (displayed by the controller or measured during the “under pillow experiment"), which is quite normal. 
  18. Sometimes when the mat starts to heat, some humming or buzz noise can be heard from the controller, which is quite normal. But if the noise gets stronger or you feel any smell or other signs of the possible controller or mat failure, please stop using the mat. It is OK for the controller to warm up a little when the mat is on the highest heat level. But it is not normal if the controller gets really hot or if you notice any smell. Please turn off the mat and contact us for a free replacement if this happens. Remember, please do not put the controller on the mat, even if the mat is cool. It may heat up and damage the controller. 
  19. If your mat controller shows error messages or the mat does not heat up properly, the possible cause for the problem is a poor connection. The plug with the connector from the controller to the mat’s terminal socket should be connected tightly. The easiest way to solve this problem is to disconnect the plug from the wall outlet first and then from the mat’s connection terminal. Then, reconnect the mat to the controller tightly, and plug it into the wall again. Be sure that the socket has electrical power; this can be tested using any other electrical device.
  20. Be careful with your first procedure. Use a slow and continuous mode of increasing session intensity. Begin with temperature levels as low as 35˚-45˚C and short sessions, no more than a half-hour, and gradually increase the length and intensity for several minutes and/or degrees every other day. Remember to drink a lot of water, fresh juices, or herbal teas. Replenish minerals to avoid becoming drained or dehydrated. Listen to your body to avoid overuse, feeling lightheaded, or low-temperature burns. A cumulative effect will safely bring you much more benefits without the risks of side effects from detoxification or a “healing crisis.”
  21. Midsize and larger mats are great for re-energizing sleep. Just be sure that the heat level is on the safe, lowest levels of 30-40˚C, or use the mat either unpowered or in negative-ions-only mode at night. Do not use high heat when you go to bed. The best and safest practice for sleeping or all-night session is to preheat the mate for one hour, or even more so that all the stones are heated and emit infrared rays even after you unplug the controller from the power outlet.  Do not rely solely on the timer. Some customers choose to connect the mat through another timer plugged into the wall outlet for double safety to not fall asleep on the hot mat and dehydrate. Take extra care during nighttime use and keep the mat only on low heat settings.
  22. Sometimes controllers and even mat issues happen after power spikes. When hurricanes or storms are approaching, if you are not going to use your mat for a while or leave your home for a weekend or vacation, it is better to unplug the mat from the socket. The best is to keep the mat unplugged from the power socket always while it is not in use. 
  23. No need to unplug the controller connector from the mat connection terminal frequently. If the controller always remains connected to the mat, it is OK as this only helps prevent the connection from loosening. Just remember to verify the tightness of the connections from time to time, especially if you sleep on your mat. If you have to disconnect the controller's plug from the mat connection terminal, always do this carefully and with both hands. Hold the connector with one hand while pulling the plug carefully with the other hand. If pulled by the wire, it can break, or the connection may eventually become loose, and the mat will not work correctly. 
  24. Please take care of your mat, and it will be your friend for a long time. The mat is great for meditation, sleeping, and healing procedures if laying calm on it without a lot of movement. Never apply pressure or step on it. Dogs and especially cats adore the mat and can use it, but this should be under your supervision. Do not allow heavy dogs to play in the same room. Children like to jump, but it may be very harmful if they jump on the mat. There are many tiny electronic parts inside the mat, such as bimetal switches, temperature sensors, etc. Occasional acute pressure may damage them. To avoid damage, the inner sensors and heating system electronics avoid impact, walking, standing, training, and doing any active exercise on the mat. Please do not allow any heavy or sharp objects to be put on or fall on it. Never fold the mat while hot; never heat it in folded condition. 
  25. Most MediCrystal Mats come folded with the top surface with crystals upside. But some models of MediCrystal mats come folded with crystals inward. Please, always fold the mat for storage, the same as it was folded when you received it. If the mat is folded in the wrong direction, it may be damaged. When you store the mat, do not fold it too tightly and never put heavy objects on it.  Do not store the mat vertically along the wall.
  26. Please do not wash the 3-D Pad Protector with the MediCrystal Logo (number one in our list of covers). Same as the mat, the pad can be wiped with a piece of microfiber cloth or disinfected by leaving the mat on high heat once a week for one hour. If you have a  non-washable protector, you can use a machine-washable cotton or bamboo towel or MediCrystal Waterproof Cover on top for better durability and an LDPR softer experience. You can hand wash our 3-D Air Mesh Pad, thick pillowcase style protector, or thin waterproof cover with straps.
  27. Always keep your Waterproof Protector on the mat to protect it from spills and dirt. But even if your mat occasionally gets wet, do not worry; it has waterproof layers inside. Just let it completely dry before using it again if it gets wet.
  28. If your mat has the Red Light Photon function, do not look directly at the red light generated by the LEDs for a long time without protective eyeglasses. Any bright light can be dangerous for the eyes. 
  29. If your mat has the PEMF system, remember that magnetic therapy can damage hardware storing information. Avoid placing credit cards, phones, USB drives, or other similar items on the mats with bio-magnetic function.

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