How can hot stone mats improve health?

All hot stone mats generally work the same way.

They all have an electrical heating system (which should be EM-free, as with our mats), and all pre-heat stones (crushed amethyst crystals are the most common) which when hot, start to emit radiant infrared heat.

The spectrum of this heat is the same with all amethyst mats, with a minimum of 90-95% efficiency in the wavelength range of 5-14 microns, the best utilized by the human body, and with maybe 60 - 80% of this energy transferred at two so-called “amethyst peaks” at 7 and 12 microns wavelength.

The mat is warm to the touch (not hot) even on the highest level, but the heating energy no longer dissipates; it penetrates the body.

For hyperthermia, the mat is used on the highest heat, and you may measure your body temperature to learn how it affects the body. 

Larger mats are more powerful; it takes more time to raise the core full body temperature with the Mini Mat, but it is still possible. 

FIR rays penetrate the body and cause local hyperthermia first. Circulation is improved, and the blood flow replaces normal temperature blood with the heated blood, gradually increasing the whole body’s temperature and causing one to sweat.

There have also been some experiments showing the bio-resonant effect of amethyst radiant heating (crystal peaks) when the body temperature was kept elevated for even 4-8 hours after the procedure. It was explained to have stimulated the mitochondria (cells’ power stations) to produce heat themselves.

It is essential to properly rehydrate before, during, and after high-intensity procedures and replenish electrolytes (salts). It is a serious procedure demanding extensive knowledge and professional supervision.

In his book “4-th Treatment For Medical Refugees or Thermo Therapy In 21-st Century”, Dr. Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, a famous Japanese oncologist, describes how even cancer patients use an infrared mat or are “sandwiched” between a pair of mats for high-intensity thermo-therapy.

The link is

or the downloadable version,

In Japan, they used Richway Biomat for their studies, similar to our Classic MediCrystal amethyst Mat without the additional functions.

But we cannot give any medical advice or claim any health benefits for our mats.

We know that our customers use these mats to live better with different ailments, including some serious conditions. But FDA rules do not allow us to give any professional health recommendations.

Though our products are manufactured in FDA-registered facilities, we do not market them as medical devices. They are sold as general wellness devices and how to use them is up to the customer.

Also, it is especially difficult to recommend treatment without knowing a person’s health.

We seriously recommend consulting your doctor. Even if your medical professional is not familiar with our mats, you can check in general about the healthful technologies incorporated as Far Infrared Sauna like thermal therapy, for example.

Usually, we recommend that our customers check online for reviews left by other folks using bio-mat or other far Infrared or hot stone mats. We have received many private letters from the users of our mats (unfortunately, not all customers place reviews on Amazon due to personal issues), which we cannot share but which made us happy.

Another good source of searching scientific and medical information is, a National Medical Literature, and Researches database. You can enter the name of your condition there and search for different emerging medicines or therapy technologies to check how effective they are, according to scientific research. 

We recommend checking the far-infrared therapy studies at Pubmed

Pubmed is a truly unique, free educational resource developed and maintained by the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). More than 27 million citations for biomedical literature from Medline life science journals and online books. It is the main source for information about the newest health technologies, medical and research, and studies. It is a searchable database of articles from worldwide sources. 

There is a lot of info there, but it is just for informational and educational purposes, and we always recommend that you consult your health professional before starting any therapy. Also, check the info regarding contraindications in the Owner’s Guide. 

Many of our customers use their mats to awaken their internal healing powers, and so it is very important to listen to the body’s response and adjust procedures accordingly. It is very important to self-educate on the subject to not overuse the mat or undergo an unwanted healing crisis.

The health benefits of PEMF, far infrared therapy, thermotherapy, and negative ion therapy have been extensively studied by doctors, scientists, and research groups for more than fifty years. They have been proven to have healing effects and improve one’s quality of life with many different health conditions.

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