How do I use bio-magnetic and red lights functions?

There are many schemes regarding the PEMF function; the standard is one half-hour procedure (it will auto-off after 30 minutes). Some doctors recommend a 1-hour procedure, in which case you can reactivate the function by pressing the PEMF button again.

Same with the red light LEDs, the programmed length of therapy is 1 hour, and the functions will auto-off after this time.

It is better to use the bare mat for bio-stimulation/phototherapy so that the body gets more photonic energy. 

Wearing clothes or using covers or sheets on the mat hinders the effect of photon therapy but should not be an obstacle to the PEMF function. 

For FIR therapy, some heating rays will dissipate if you use a thicker layer on top of the mat under your body. The same applies to negative ions. But most of it will still travel through. 

For additional functions integrated into our mats, such as Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields Therapy (PEMF) and Photon Red Light LEDs 660nm therapy ( LLLT ), you can find more information at Pubmed

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