Which Mat should you get for treating the prostate?

We are not health professionals and cannot give any form of medical advice, but we can share our private opinion about open-source studies and publications, just as information, to be discussed with your physician or licensed practitioner.

The Purple MediCrystal amethyst Mat, Compact PRO mats or larger, or if you do not need photon LEDs, our new collection of mixed Gemstones MediCrystal mats, Compact Pro or larger, both with PEMF, should work best for prostate health.

Check these studies:

Prostate enlargement (prostate hyperplasia, swollen Prostate Gland), frequent urination, and prostatitis treatment with pulsed magnetic therapy:


Magnetic fields for regenerative medicine. Sexual Dysfunction PEMF therapy:


Microcirculatory effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields:


But you may find more information here: 


Make sure not to overheat the genital zone! If you use a classic amethyst mat, carefully sit on the edge of the mat so that the FIR heat penetrates the prostate zone but does not affect the genitals.

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