I have tumors and I was using a bio mat to kill cancer cells after I read in the book “Fourth treatment for medical refugees or Thermo therapy in 21-st century” by Dr. Nobuhiro Yoshimizu a famous Japanese oncologist? Can I use the Medicrystal Mat on highest heat?

Sorry, we do not provide any medical advice. Our amethyst and Gemstone mats are well-being products; they are not marketed as medical devices nor intended to treat any health condition. 

Consult your doctor oncologist before using this product. If you need intensive heat, you may choose to cover your body with another mat or any blanket, keeping your head uncovered and out of the heating area. 

We know that some customers leave reviews about using our mats off-label to treat cancer, but it is at their own risk. 

They reported that reversing hypothermia associated with serious health conditions improves immunity and helps one to live better.

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