Could the belt or the mini mat be helpful to restore one’s health? I have cancer and understand that cancer cells die in extreme heat. Is this correct?

I am sorry that we cannot give any medical advice. We also do not make any health claims for our products which are sold as general heating devices.

The cancer cells are known to die if exposed to high heat earlier than our body's healthy cells because fortunately, they do not have the same effective thermo-regulatory abilities. This effect is used in many clinics worldwide.

Our Belt has a pad 18 by 8 inches, which can be detached from the strap and applied to any place you need. It is great for local use but for high heat it is better to have a large professional-sized mat as well. 

In Japan they used Richway Biomat for their studies, it is similar to our Classic Red Brown MediCrystal amethyst Mat without the additional functions. They made progress treating tumors that were not too deep. 

We have also mats with PEMF which can penetrate even deeper — so if two mats are used, at least one of them should be with PEMF.

Please, remember proper rehydration before during and after high intensity procedure as well as electrolyte (salts) replenishment is necessary, it is a serious procedure demanding extensive knowledge and professional supervision.

We know that our customers use these mats to live better with different conditions including those associated with cancer but the FDA rules do not allow us to give any professional health recommendations. 

Though our products are manufactured by FDA registered facilities we do not market them as medical devices able to treat cancer or other conditions. 

We do not make any health claims for using our products. We cannot give any medical advice and of course you should consult the health professional. Books and sources which we recommend are only for information, do not claim any referenced information to be completely true or free of errors.

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