Do you need to drink water before or after the procedure?

You can deplete the body’s reserves of one or more minerals and electrolytes, especially using the FIR mat heavily and regularly for detoxification.

If your nutrition is complete and hydrates yourself properly while you are on the mat, you’re not likely to create a mineral or electrolyte deficiency through recreational procedures a few times a week.

Proper hydration is a must-do if you use your infrared gemstone mat at a hot temperature for detox procedures and sweat a lot. 

Do not forget that mineral water is necessary to replenish electrolytes. Drink a lot before, after, and if necessary while you are on the mat.

But if you start a systematic FIR detox program, you need to learn more about implementing an electrolyte and mineral replacement plan and consult your health professional or any doctor with good knowledge of hot stone or FIR sauna therapy.

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