I have the Bio Magnetic V-Mat with the H-40 controller. Can I use it only for PEMF without heating?

Yes, you can use the PEMF only, without heating function, on all mats with PEMF. Chose the lowest 30°C temperature if the PEMF is not activated without it.

If you have a mat with H-40 or H-60 controller

  1. Using the Timer Control Toggle Button – do not choose any of the 4 options shown on the Display (1H, 4H, 8H, 0H), but INSTEAD choose "--," is a non-heating mode, for only PEMF therapy. Or you can choose a timer option and just set the temperature to 30 C.

  2.  Program Button – Choose one of 3 PEMF options shown on the Display:

  • 1P = PEMF ON 30 minutes
  • 2P = PEMF running 8 program cycle (one cycle = PEMF ON 15 minutes, OFF 45 minutes)
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