Do you sell non-electric mats? I am very sensitive to EMFs and cannot sleep anywhere near an EMF generating device.

In addition to electric mats, we also sell the same as our amethyst mats, but non-powered, without the controller, operational heating, and other systems.

Many customers use such crystal mats as mat toppers or blankets even without heating for a more relaxing and restful all-night sleep and to attain a more positive emotional state.

If a customer prefers to use the mat on the floor, better to use a thick mat, it keeps shaping better than the top layer with amethysts alone.

Some customers use these mats as carpets to cover all of the floors in a child’s room, or at least the bed, to protect from electromagnetic fields or radiation from underground water veins. 

The 20”x32” Mini Mat is perfect for use in a baby’s crib, placed under the mattress.

To eliminate the crystals’ pressure, a standard mattress topper or up to several towels may be placed on the mat. Covers are not included and should be purchased separately.

Crystals forming the whole upper surface of the mat naturally release healthy far infrared rays safely and delicately using one’s own body heat. Such mats will still be effective, but of course, they will not have the high heat energy necessary for detox. 

The gems absorb the excessive heat from the overly hot zones of your body and return it to those areas which need more warmth and better circulation. So these mats use the natural heat of the body to generate FIR rays and provide the therapeutic effects of amethyst in a pure and natural form. 

Crystals also emit negative Ions in a natural way upon distortion caused by body heat or pressure. Such ions are still better absorbed by our body than those generated by air ionizers. 

There will be a cooling effect in summer and warming in winter, soothing and relaxing the whole year.

You can also use such a mat as a heating one if you apply exterior heat (pre-heating it with a regular electric blanket, for example).

On a sunny day, the mat can be preheated if placed directly under the sun. Amethyst will absorb solar energy and become really hot. It can become even hotter than when you use an electrical heating system.

Other ways to use the non-powered mats are namely the uses not allowed for electric ones — 

  • to bend, wrap and cover your body
  • for children to play, step, dance, run, train, or for children entertainment
  • for practicing active yoga exercises 
  • for underwater, in-pool use
  • to use on a car seat (if the seat is heated, the heat will be converted to FIR by the mat)
  • Some of our customers even buy such unpowered mats for pets. Cats love them!
  • In ancient times Korean nobles had hot stone floors in their castles. We had one customer who wanted to line the whole floor with these amethyst mats, like a carpet, in his yoga room, and we had to specially order such mats without heating systems for her because we did not have enough ‘deactivated’ mats on hand (they are well made and rarely fail).

    The prices, including free delivery to 48 states, for NON-POWERED, NON-ELECTRIC amethyst mats are:

    Mini-Mat        20”x32”  $90

    Mid-size         24”x59” $150

    Professional   32"x71”  $200

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