Are your mats flexible and bendable? Can I put it on a recliner, cover or wrap my body with one?

Most of our amethyst mats are not flexible, they are rather stiff and hard, due to the high density compressed cotton layer in the bottom of the mat which is used to insulate and protect the heating elements, sensors and other electronics. 

This layer, laminated with reinforced aluminum foil, directs the heat upwards and protects the bottom of the mat and your mattress.

If the mat has the Photon and/or PEMF function it will be even thicker and harder.

But we also have two types of completely flexible and bendable pads with different crystals. ThermoGem type and stone disks type (with jade, bian and tourmaline). These are great for when you need to wrap your body or use a mat on a non-flat surface like a recliner.

The Flexible MediCrystal pads are thin and completely bendable. The large one can be used as a EMF-free hot stone weighted blanket. It is around 20 lbs. and 24” by 72”.

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