Thick MediCrystal Multilayer Waterproof Protector with built-in 3-D Pad (protector #1) is permeable to FIR crystals rays and negative ions. It is featured with a ventilated 3-Dimensional Air Mesh, supportive material for weight distribution, and an ultrasonic quilted top Air Layer to keep the contact between the body and the mat surface dry. 

This breathable multilayered protector is great for sleeping or longer non-intensive procedures. It is important to have a soft, permeable cushion on the mat and avoid discomfort caused by the hard stones’ pressure. 

It has an elastic skirt and straps to affix it at the top of the mat. It also has a small zippered opening at the mat connector terminal.

Our first generation of covers was made to use natural materials, which were not durable because the top bamboo layer was not washable. But even though the top layer could rip when washed, this damage did not prevent the pad from doing its cushioning job perfectly.

Instead of washing, we recommend leaving the mat with the pad on it for one hour every week on the highest heat setting to keep both of them clean and disinfected.

We also recommend putting the washable cotton or bamboo sheet or towel or our Thin MediCrystal waterproof protective cover on the top of MediCrystal pads, especially if you use the mat with this Pad Protector for sauna-like high heat procedures with sweating. 

Semi-precious stones and crystals make our mats hard. If you are not familiar with the mat and start to use it without the topper pad or Protector, it is great for shorter sessions, as it gives some acupressure-like benefits but may cause some unpleasant sensations in your back if overused especially in the beginning.

If you would like to lay for a long time or even sleep on your mat, you may want to decrease the pressure from the stones using some towels or sheets. 

But the multilayer Thick MediCrystal Multilayer Waterproof Protector with built-in 3-D Pad, with the MediCrystal logo on top, is the better choice for making the mat softer least until your body gets used to the mat.

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