The MEDICRYSTAL® Thick TAN 3-D AIR MESH PAD is for cushioning, distributing body weight, and buffering the crystals’ pressure while using the mat for sleep or extended low-intensity sessions. 

It is very effective at the beginning of the mat's hardness is an issue. 

To purchase one separately, the price is $50-150 depending on the size, but we include one pad with your mat free of charge. 

Some customers feel that the mat is too hard to use. Especially if they try to sleep on it during the first few days, it is very important to make the experience as comfortable as possible, especially in the beginning. 

This tan Pad is made with a thick layer of ventilated, 3-D Air Mesh, supportive material for bodyweight distribution.

But this 3-D Pad is not waterproof and needs a cover, sheet, or towel on top. The top layer of all our mats is waterproof, so extra waterproof protection only increases durability and helps keep the mat looking like new. 

Sweat, especially induced by deep FIR heating, contains a lot of toxins and maybe rather corrosive.

This Pad is recommended to be hand washed and air dried to keep the shape.   

The Pad is affixed to the mat with four corner-straps.

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