What are the maintenance directions and how do I clean my MediCrystal Bio Mat and protectors?

Your MediCrystal Mat will stay clean for a very long time unless you use it uncovered or spill something on it. 

Clean it as you would clean any leather or suede product that has electrical parts inside. 

Use only a slightly wet cloth, and do not wash the controller. Clean the mat only when the power is off, and the controller is unplugged from the AC outlet. 

There are no special instructions, use common sense, and it should be fine. 

You will not have to clean your mat at all. If you cover it with our 3-D Air Mesh Pad Protector, use MediCrystal Waterproof Cover, or at least a cotton or bamboo towel all the time.

You may leave it on high heat for 1 hour each week to completely self-clean and disinfect. 

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