How does one sleep on the stone mat? It is so stiff and hard.

The stones make the mats really stiff and hard. This is great for short-term procedures, as it gives some acupressure-like benefits, but excessive pressure may cause some discomfort or pain in one’s back if overused.

If you would like to sleep on your mat, do it slowly, adapting your body to the pressure. You can start with shorter sessions at bedtime and move forward gradually. It is like acupuncture —there’s no need to overstimulate the body from the outset; it is better to slowly and continuously increase the intensity of pressure. 

If you would like to sleep on your mat starting the first day, another way to decrease the pressure from the stones is to use a topper, some towels, or blankets on the top of the included protector to make the mat softer. Most radiant heat will travel through the mat protector and topper to your body, as will the negative ions. You will be more comfortable. Later, when your body gets used to the pressure, you can remove the extra layers one by one.

Some models of our controllers (H-40N, H-60N) auto-decrease the mat's temperature to a safe level after 3.5 hours, but if you turn your mat on the maximum level for the whole night, even 3.5 hours on high heat is too much for anybody.

Remember, if you try different ways to use it and still do not feel comfortable, or the mat does not work for you, we give you a free 45-day trial period. Please contact us if you decide to arrange a return or exchange for a different model, and everything will be arranged ASAP.

But I hope you find a way to use it so that it is comfortable and helpful.

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