Can I use my MediCrystal Mat for sleeping every night?

MediCrystal amethyst mats are great for sleeping every night on. Many customers use them this way.

The most important thing is to avoid overheating. 

These FIR hot stone mats do not work like conventional heating pads or electric blankets. Most of the mat’s energy is generated in the form of far infrared rays. It is transferred mainly by radiation, like solar rays, not by conduction like with hot coffee and a ceramic cup (which also radiates infrared heat, but with less efficiency and with different wavelengths). If you put a thick towel or blanket on the heating pad or an electric blanket it will isolate most of the heat. If you cover the mat you will lose some of the conductive heat (20-40%, depending on the mat’s temperature —the lower the temperature, the lower the ratio of conductive heat), but the infrared rays will still penetrate through the towels/blankets/covers, and even through your body. 

Please use the mat only on the lowest setting while sleeping.

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