I am EMF sensitive, can I sleep on the mat?

If you are EMF oversensitive, please be aware that some electrical parts in all brands’ FIR mats are difficult to shield and may emit relatively high EMF levels. 

These parts are generally the sockets, plugs, connectors, electrical wires, and controllers, which can emit up to 4-8mG.

Though this is a safe level, it’s better to place the controller some distance from your head (same as you should do with a phone charger, desk lamp, or any other electrical device). 

It is better to use the amethyst pillow (or at least a standard one) to avoid the occasional contact between your head and the connection terminal. 

Or you can lie down on the mat the opposite way, with your feet towards the logo area where the connection terminal is located.

Really the electric heating system is only active for 10-20% of the session time, as it stops when the mat reaches the set temperature and resumes only after the temperature drops. 

You can also eliminate any exposure to EMFs just by preheating your mat to maximum temperature and turning it off just before the procedure. Hot crystals accumulate warmth and emit infrared rays and negative ions for some time, even without electric power.

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