Does it bring any benefits to lay on the mat all night with no heat?

Using the mat in unpowered mode can be very beneficial. It works same as the unpowered pillow.

The crystals forming the whole upper surface of the mat naturally release healthy Far-infrared rays in a safe and delicate way using your own body’s heat. 

Such mats still work, but of course without producing the intensive heat necessary for detox. 

The gems just absorb the excessive heat from the too-hot zones of your body and return it to those areas which are in need of more warmth and better circulation. 

Unpowered mats use the body’s natural heat to generate FIR rays and provide amethyst’s therapeutic effects in pure and natural form. 

Negative ions are also emitted by the crystals in this natural way, upon distortion caused by body heat or pressure. 

It will feel cooling in the summer and warming in the winter, soothing and relaxing throughout the year.

We sell unpowered mats for approximately 1/3 the price of the electric mats, and have some customers even purchasing them in bulk to use for yoga room or for pets.

Many customers use such crystal mats or blankets even without heat for a more relaxing and restful all-night sleep and to attain a more positive emotional state.

On a sunny day the mat can be preheated by being placed in direct sunlight. amethyst will absorb the sun’s energy and become really hot. It can become even hotter than an electrical heating system.

Other ways to use the non-powered mats are all those which are not allowed for electric ones ( in order not to damage tiny parts inside the mat layer)

  • to bend, wrap and cover your body
  • to play, step, dance, run, train or apply pressure
  • for practice active exercise 
  • for underwater in-pool use
  • Some our customers even buy such unpowered mats for lovely pets. Cats simple adore them.
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