The controller of my infrared mat shows 22°C and the mat heats up only to 30°C. Sometimes it does not work at all, or shows errors. What are the general steps to have it fixed?

If your controller was not accidentally damaged or flooded, we would resolve it ASAP by replacing the controller or the whole mat if necessary.

If you have just received the mat, it might be a factory defect or the result of some damage during shipping, but these are rare.

Sometimes the easiest way to solve the problem is to reboot the controller. Always disconnect the controller's plug from the A/C outlet first and THEN from the mat connection terminal. 

When you disconnect the controller's plug from the mat connection terminal, always do it carefully and with two hands. Hold the connector with one hand while the other hand pulls the plug. Always pull the plug carefully at the mat’s connection terminal.

Then, reconnect the mat tightly and then plug it into the A/C outlet. Reconnection and reset is the most common way to resolve errors.

The most frequent reason for controller errors is an incorrect order of controller connection or a LOOSE connection to the mat (it should be very TIGHT).

It is necessary to connect the mat to the controller initially tightly. Only after this to plug the controller into the A/C outlet and then turn ON the controller. 

When you disconnect, first press the power button OFF, then disconnect the controller plug from the socket, and only after this unplug the controller from the mat. 

Some controllers with temperature dials should have the dial rotated to the minimum position locked/unlocked first.

If you connect a controller to the power source first, the safety program will lock it and transfer it into safe mode. It may start to beep or will show only lines like “—“ or OFF or OP error on the screen. The same may happen if there is a loss of signal interchange between the mat and the controller.

To reactivate the controller, please, try to reconnect it incorrect order.

Then activate the timer button and choose one of the settings for the mat to start heating up.

But if reconnecting does not solve the problem, there is probably something wrong with the controller. 

If the controller is dead or shows persistent errors after reconnection, we will expedite a new one to you ASAP.

Please inform me if reconnecting was helpful or not.

If it did not help, please inform me if the controller works properly, shows only the ambient temperature, is still dead, or shows errors, or if the mat does not heat up.

Please confirm your address, model and a serial number of the mat, and your order number. A picture of your controller may also be helpful.

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