I practiced Yoga on my mat and it stopped getting warm, how do I reload the controller.

Sorry but it looks like the sensors or bimetal switches were damaged inside the mat, needing repair. Amethyst mats are great for mediation or relaxation, but it would be better to buy the same unpowered mat for active training, which is also much cheaper.

Please email support@medicrystal.com for repair or replacement.

Please remember the following precautions to keep your mat safe:

Never fold the mat while hot; never heat it while it is folded. Avoid walking, active training on or applying pressure to the mat, or placing heavy objects on it to not damage the inner sensors and heating system. 

When you fold the mat for storage, always make sure it looks the same as when you received it, with the top surface with crystals facing up. 

If the mat is folded in the wrong direction, it may be damaged.

Though it looks hard and strong, like a stone layer on top, there are many tiny parts inside that require careful handling. 

Also, the best way to use the mat is by laying it on a flat surface. Careful use is essential for extending the life of your mat — you could get 10-20 years’ use out of it with proper care.

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