Do MediCrystal pillows heat your head like the mats?

No, all MediCrystal® pillows with crystals are non-electric, non-powered products; they are not warming.

It is not safe to heat the head, and we do not manufacture warming pillows. 

The crystals forming the upper surface of the pillows release healthy infrared rays and negative ions safely and delicately using your own body’s heat. 

The gems can absorb excess heat from the warmer areas of the head and distribute it to the areas which need more warmth and circulation. 

So even without the mats, these pillows use the natural heat of our body to generate FIR rays and provide the therapeutic effects of amethyst and other gems in a pure and natural form. 

The crystals also naturally emit Negative ions upon distortion caused by heat or pressure. Our body better absorbs such ions than those generated by air ionizers. 

You will experience a cooling effect in summer and a warming result in winter.

The pillows are useful for FIR mat sessions as they provide a better, more elevated head and neck position.   

They can shield you from EMFs, providing some protective distance between your head and the electrical connectors on the mat.

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