How can you compare soft and hard gemstone pillows?


SOFT contoured pillows with crystals can be used both with and without the mats. They are more comfortable for long procedures, but they do not provide the same FIRM cervical support as the HARD ones.

Some folks use SOFT pillows for more relaxing and restful all-night sleep, maintain a more positive emotional state, or short half-hour sessions before sleeping to fight insomnia and relax. The pillow may be helpful for some neck or back pain relief and some joint problems. 


Hard pillows are tough and are not intended for relaxation or sleeping (though some customers use them this way). They are necessary if you have a special need for a hard, very supportive contoured pillow.

When sleeping on your side, the HARD pillow between your knees can reduce stress on your hips and lower back, preventing misalignment and pain. When sleeping or laying on your back, placing the pillow under the knees is great for relaxing them.

But if it is really too hard for you, please remember that the pillow consists of 2 parts — the core insert, made of special heat resistant HARD foam for FIRM cervical support, and the most valuable part of the pillow, the cover, with precious natural tumbled Amethyst crystals infused along the whole length of the pillowcase.

If you need to make it really soft, the best solution would be to have the gem-infused cover removed from the pillow insert (there is a zipper on the backside) and replace it with a standard pillow or some other filling material for a comfortable all-night sleep or long sessions.

Be gentle, though, as the insert can be damaged easily while removing it from the pillow. 

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