What is the advantage of FIR Sauna over FIR mat?

I believe that the only advantage of the sauna is getting to higher temperatures and making you sweat faster and easier. At the same time, using FiR sauna at high temperatures is very UNSAFE because you can easily overheat your brain or dehydrate yourself. 

Larger mats as Professional or Compact Pro work faster for detox procedures as they are more powerful and have higher surface area contacting your body.  

Mini mats are not the most efficient to cause sweating; they are better for focus therapy on your back. But if you use a high temperature and your body usually sweats in the sauna or does sports or work out, the Mini will work fine.

Use the thinner waterproof cover, drink a cup of hot tea, cover it with a blanket, preheat your Mini Mat to a maximum level, lay on it, and relax. 

Make sure you cover your body completely except your head with a thick blanket. No other parts of your body should be uncovered. If you had previous exposure to FIR sauna and your body is used to sweating a lot, you might start sweating as if you were in the sauna in about 30-45 minutes. If not, it can take a month or so of high heat procedures to cleanse your pores and start sweating. 

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