Controller H-40PV for ThermoGem FIR PEMF Photon mats, belts, vests

Controller H-40PV for ThermoGem FIR PEMF Photon mats, belts, vests

H-40PV controller allows you to use your FIR PEMF Photon mat, belt or vest in several modes all together or each separately.
1. only Red Light 
2. Only Heat (FIR) - The controller allows you to entirely adjust heating function with a 1-degree C step from 86°F to 158°F displayed in Celsius from 30°C to 70°C.
3. Only PEMF (pulsed magnetism with 10Hz or ten times per second frequency)
4. Combination or Ion, PEMF, Red Light and Far Infrared Light together

You can replace H-40PV with a more simple in operation smaller controller E-20PV, or with a bigger sized, and more sophisticated Controller H-60PVA. All controllers should be with the connector "C" with 6 pins.
All controllers are without negative ion indicators, but the crystals and anion layers always generate ions when the pad is heated. If the vest is not powered, they use your body's warmth to naturally and gently release FIR and anions.    
H-controllers offer 1, 4, 8 or 12 hours timer settings. You should select the timer first to activate other functions.   

If you feel that 8 or 12 hours (auto-timer shut off) period is too long, use an external timer can for a more comfortable choice of time settings. A heavy-duty plug-in timer with a built-in surge protector may be the right choice for double protection in the night time.

Make sure the voltage of your power grid is the same as of your appliance. If you use the 110V Belt with a 220V power socket, it will damage the product. Please use only the same voltage product as your country power grid.
When you start, FIRST please connect the controller tightly to the belt. Only then plug the controller into the power socket. 
The connection should be a snug fit. If it is loose or you plug the controller to the power outlet before connecting it to the belt, the product may not function correctly. 
If you do not use the belt, unplug the controller from the power socket but no need to disconnect it from the belt receptacle frequently. It will protect connectors from wearing and becoming loose.

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