Old 2015-2107 F-40N-A Controller for Classic Mats

Video How to use F-40N-A controller

This big ventilated controller F-40N-A can be used on all sizes of Classic MediCrystal FIR Amethyst Mats and Belts of 2015-2017 production years with an old connector type A.

In 2018-2019 this controller was replaced by the controllers L-40N-B, H-40N-B, H-60N-B, and the new connector type B on the mats.

On the last model of this controller, the "negative ion" indicator is always ON when the mat is ON. Inner layers of Amethyst Mat produce anions upon heat distortion.

To start heating, first chose one of the three timer settings. Otherwise, the controller will show OF, and the mat will not begin to operate. Then select the desired temperature.

The controller temperature dial enables the heating temperature between 86 and 158F ( displayed as 30-70C ).

The controller will show the set temperature for several seconds then will display the ambient temperature. The heating indicator will light up. When the set temperature is reached, the heating indicator will go down. It will resume when the mat cools down and heating resumes.

If the controller shows OF or errors, it may also signify that either time set is over and the timer should be reactivated, or the connection between the mat and the controller is not tight enough. It is recommended to reconnect.

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