Can the mat be placed underneath a memory foam topper?

We include free of charge a tan MediCrystal® 3-Dimensional Air Mesh Pad and/or a thick fitted MediCrystal® Waterproof Protection Cover into your FiR Mat set to cushion it and protect from spills, sweat, smell, dirt, bed mites, bacteria, and moisture. 

We will have the covers and pads on Amazon soon so that you could purchase additional ones if necessary.

Both of these covers are breathable and porous, permeable for FIR warming rays and other functions. 

You can also add several layers of bamboo or cotton sheets or towels on the top of your mat, 3-D Pad and Cover to make the procedure softer and more comfortable. The overall thickness of the covers should not be more than one inch. 

As soon as your body starts to get accustomed to crystals pressure, you may choose to take away extra layers one-by-one.

Please remember that it is strictly forbidden to put any non-permeable covers or toppers on the mat when it is HEATING. It refers to all foam toppers, rubber mats, camp mats, and other similar rubber or foam non-permeable covers. 

Though the mat has an overheat protection system, it may fail if works continuously, and there is a risk of fire or burns. Of course, avoid leaving any solid objects on the mat while it is warming as well. 

Only your body and covers included into the set or a not too thick (one inch maximum) layer of permeable towels or cotton sheets can be on the warming stone mat.

Of course, If your hot stone mat is heavy and it is difficult to remove it from your bed every evening, you may cover it with a several inches thick memory foam or a similar mattress topper to sleep WITHOUT heating. 

It is an excellent solution to eliminate discomfort caused by crystals and have your mat ready to use simply removing the lightweight topper from the mat when you need to use the gemstone mat for warming.

Just remember never to turn ON the heating function of the mat while it is covered with a memory foam mattress or any other similar non-permeable "heat-trapping" topper. For extra safety, it is better to disconnect the controller's plug from the power socket while there is a thick topper on the mat.

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