H-60PVA and H-60VA Controller PEMF Programs

H-60VA (H-60PVA) controllers PEMF programs

In addition to deep crystal FIR heat and Negative Ions generated by all our mats, some of our models with bio-magnetic functions like Purple Amethyst Agate mats, Red-Brown Amethyst Tourmaline V-mats, ThermoGem mats, belts, jackets, and 4-stone disks Amethyst Jade Tourmaline Agate also produce Pulsed Magnetic Fields.

MediCrystal® Purple Amethyst Agate mats and 4-stone disks Amethyst Jade Tourmaline Agate use L-40V (L-40PV) controllers, which support a single 10Hz PEMF and L-40VA (L-40PVA) controllers with a choice between three frequencies of 4Hz, 8Hz, and 14Hz. You can activate the magnetism pulsation by the PEMF or Frequency button.

MediCrystal® Red-Brown Amethyst Tourmaline V-mats and ThermoGem™ mats, belts, jackets come with the advanced H-60VA (H-60PVA) controllers, which allow manual adjusting PEMF frequency from 1 to 30Hz with a step of 1Hz. These controllers also offer a wide selection of different frequency sequences (auto-programs).

You can activate the magnetism pulsation and switch between programs with the PEMF button. For manual frequency selection, use the Frequency dial. 

The H-60VA (H-60PVA) controller's screen displays PEMF programs as P-, P0, P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8, P9, PA, PB, PE, PF. Then it switches back to showing the temperature of the mat.

  • P- is PEMF OFF. Press and hold the PEMF button for several seconds to terminate the active PEMF program.
  • P1, P2, P3, P9 are waking and energizing programs with the gradual uprise of PEMF frequencies.
  • P4, P7, PF are relaxation programs decreasing PEMF frequencies. P8 is an all-night sleeping program.
  • P5, P6, PA, PE balance harmonious programs for daytime rest, meditation, and re-energizing. They combine relaxing descent of frequencies with activating uprise.

The programs may run in loops cycling the active (PEMF ON) and passive (PEMF OFF) phases. However, some of them have only one "active" period. 

For example, Manual Programs consist of 8 loops. Every loop is 20 minutes of PEMF ON and 40 minutes PEMF OFF. 

The total length of any Manual Program is 7 hours 20 min (including eight active and seven passive phases). If necessary, you can terminate the program any time by pressing and holding the PEMF button or selecting P- (PEMF OFF) mode.

The PEMF feature is an excellent reason for regular using the mat to relax and re-energize even without heating.

Please download PDF files with PEMF programs here:

H-60PVA Controller PEMF Programs

H-60VA Controller PEMF Programs

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