Controller H-60N for Classic MediCrystal Mats and Pads


Video how to use H-60N controller

H-60N is the newest controller for Classic MediCrystal Warming Mattresses and Pads with natural gemstones or crystals.  
It is the most advanced controller model we have since 2018. It has a big ventilated body with lower EMF emissions.
You can use the H60N Controller to Set & Maintain 86°-158°F (displayed as 30°-70°C) heating Temperature for 1, 4, 8, or 12 hours. 
If You Set Heating Higher than 122°F (50°C) for Longer than 3.5 Hours, an Auto-Protection Feature will Decrease it to Safe 115°F to protect you from dehydration. 
If necessary, you can manually activate or deactivate this feature by pressing and holding the timer button for several seconds.
The power input 110-120V/60Hz. Do not use in 220V countries without power converters of 400-500w capacity. 
We always recommend using ONLY 220-240V MediCrystal mats in 220-240 because even the short exposure to high voltage or converter failure damages both the mat and controller.
In addition to hot stone functionality and deep FIR heat, MediCrystal® ClassicAmethyst mats and Amethyst-Tourmaline mats naturally generate negative ions.
Though the mat does not have an ion button or indicator, anions are always produced through distinct layers upon heat distortion when the infrared mat is ON or using your body heat when the device is OFF. It is a great reason to use the mattress regularly to sleep, relax, and re-energize, even without heating.
Due to the artisan nature of the construction process, there is some difference between mats regarding the maximum temperature they may reach in the same conditions and the heating speed. If you cover the gemstone mat with a thick blanket or if your body is on the mat, the max level of the bare mat surface temperature may be in the range of 55-65°C or 133–158°F (displayed by the controller measuring the temperature of the heating elements inside the mat as 65-72°C). If there is nothing on the warming mat, it would be slightly warm to feel, and all energy will dissipate.
Please cover the mat COMPLETELY while preheating it. If you cover the mat partially, the temperature sensors positioned in the different spots will report different and controversial measurements to the central controller. 
Finally, the controller may lose calibration and start to work incorrectly or malfunction.
In case of any issues, disconnect and reconnect the mat again to the controller. Always, first connect the controller to the heating mattress, second to the power outlet. Otherwise, errors may come back.
H-60N controller can come with either connector type "B" or an "in-line" connector.
  • It's a picture of a sample product with a regular connector.


If you have the regular connector, please ensure that you push the controller's plug all the way into the heated stone pad's receptacle socket so that it is snug tight with no space at all between the plug and the socket. It demands some effort to make it a snug fit.

A loose connection can cause a loss of signal exchange between the product and the controller. The controller will show error messages, or the product will not function properly. Reconnection and reset are the most common ways to eliminate errors. 

First, please reconnect the controller to the pad tightly. Then plug it into the wall socket again.

If the controller keeps shutting off or shows E-errors, it may be a problem with the connector on the stone pad. 

Please try to fasten the screws on the rear side of the connector. Sometimes, they become loose and make the connection weak.

  • Below is the picture of the product with an in-line connector

In-Line-Connector-Controller.jpgIf your product comes with an in-line connector, please unplug the controller from the wall outlet. 

Then unscrew and re-screw the connector so that it's tight. 

Please make sure the male plugs go inside the female pins.

Please check the attached video

  • Fuse

If the above steps are not helpful and the controller is dead, please try to replace the fuse. A spare one should be in a small bag in your product's box. Sometimes voltage spikes may damage the fuse. 

Please plug the mat into the power outlet through a surge protector if your area's voltage is not stable voltage or blackouts take place frequently. Also, it's better to unplug the controller from the power outlet when you do not use the product—no need to disconnect the controller from the heated stone pad.

Please open the H-series controller box (unplug it from the power outlet, please). There are four visible screws and the fifth screw hidden under the sticker on the rear side of the controller. To open the remote, please remove the label and unscrew all five screws.

Here is the video of how to open the remote and replace the fuse

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