Comparison of FIR Far Infrared, MIR Mid Infrared, NIR Near Infrared Rays

Near-infrared rays wavelength starts just after visible red light. Some folks even can see NIR light, for example when the stones are so hot that they get almost red, we can see both NIR and Red Light. 

We use monochrome Red Light emitting diodes in our Gemstone mats with Photon function.

It brings almost the same benefits to us as to the plants. That is why the Red light Lamps are widely used in growing.

Red Light and NIR are good for the skin. Both types of light penetrate only 1-2 mm deep and do not bring a lot of energy. It is a kind of comfortable and pleasant healing radiant heat. 

But Far Infrared is the safest type of warmth emission without contacting, conduction or convection. 

It is “Far” from visible spectrum but “Close” to Micro-Wave radiation which delivers heat very deep and our bodies do not have temperature sensors to detect so dangerous heat. 

And Far Infrared Rays is the best, it brings some less energy into the tissues than microwaves but it is really safe and natural. It is the way how the Sun heats the Earth and gives life to everything on this planet.
All hot stones emit full spectrum infrared rays starting from NIR and they transfer the most part of energy in the form of FIR.
Our mixed gemstone mats provide a wider range of wavelength warmth delivering a mix of NIR, MIR and mainly FIR rays.
Our Amethyst mats emit warmth in a narrow range of MIR and FIR rays between 5 and 15 microns with two so-called crystal peaks at 7 nm and 12 nm. 

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