What is the difference between MediCrystal Mats and Richway Biomats

Disclaimer: This comparison of Ereada Amethyst Mats, MediCrystal, ThermoGem Gemstone Mats, and Richway Biomats is objective and honest. However, it is still the private opinion of the market expert especially tended to educate customers. In no way it has any intentions to sell any brand product. This study may be outdated and is not guaranteed to be errorless. It is essential information, and for more details about the current conditions, you would better contact the supplier directly.
Richway head office is situated in Hawaii. They had some issues with the FDA and IRS in the last years, which could damage the company's reputation to some extent. However, Biomat is a great product. It was the first in the American Market. Richway has a well-known brand dominating the market and 20 years of history in the USA. They sell through MLM (Multi-level marketing), while Ereada, MediCrystal, and ThermoGem sell directly to customers through online channels and marketplaces with low margins. So Richway products are much more expensive than other brands due to the middleman commissions.
All Richway, Ereada, MediCrystal, and ThermoGem are American companies. It is a family-run business driven by a great mission to share positive experiences and make these products affordable for everyone in need. A significant advantage of buying from such a company with a long history and proven background is that all customers may have direct contact with the company founder resolving any issues in favor of customers.
Ereada introduced Brown Classic Amethyst Mats to the U.S. Market in 2015 under the "Bio-Amethyst" trademark. However, similar mats are manufactured by Korean Hyundai Medical for more than 20 years, and many old warming mats are still working in heavy-duty everyday professional use. They are very popular in Asia. In 2016 Ereada started to sell Purple Mats with additional PEMF bio-magnetic and red light features. These mats quickly became the bestsellers on Amazon. In 2017 Ereada came with a mixed gemstones and ceramics PEMF Gemstone mats collection. The latest product line is the Gray Amethyst Mats with adjustable frequency PEMF. ALL EREADA PRODUCTS COME FROM KOREA, and Ereada is the US dealer of Hyundai Medical. However, Ereada does not make any medical claims for their products and sells them as general well-being appliances for home use.
MediCrystal and ThermoGem started to promote many warming mats packed with FIR, PEMF, Red Light, and other features in 2016. They offer the widest choice of different crystals. There are Mats filled with crushed and polished pure Amethyst, Amethyst-Tourmaline, or Amethyst-Tourmaline-Jade blend. Other mats are built with stone disks and contain either Amethyst, Agate, Jade, and Tourmaline or rare to find Bian Stone, Jade, and Tourmaline. These mats come from the best FDA, CE, ISO-registered, and certified manufacturers in China. ThermoGem and MediCrystal products are comparable with Healthyline heated stone mats manufactured by the same facilities. These brands' products are the ONLY built in China also closest in quality to original Ereada Amethyst Mats and Richway bio-mats from South Korea.
There are many fly-by-night domestic and even Chinese companies trying to enter this market with cheap junk products dangerous for users and capable of damaging health or catching fire. The only advice is to avoid such and always check the seller's background on the marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon. You can see when the seller started the business, and if the company is professional in the field or tries to sell every cheap product from China, they can find it. It may be a challenge to get any customer support or warranty service from such a company in a couple of years.
Richway distributors advertise either lifetime or 3-years warranty terms. Both may be misleading.  
Brown Ereada Amethyst Mats and MediCrystal Classic FIR heating mats with Amethyst or Amethyst-Tourmaline blend (similar to Richway) come with a REAL two-year warranty. 
A one-year warranty covers all other Ereada Mats and MediCrystal Mats with PEMF and Photons. It is due to additional functions making them more complicated devices. 
However, Ereada, MediCrystal, and ThermoGem warranties are FREE and FULL. While "the same quality" warranty covers Richway Biomatconly only in the 1-st year after purchase. Then, on the 2-d year, it costs money to ship the defective unit to the Richway's repairing facilities (which may be as far as Hawaii) or even to get the basic warranty service starting from the 3-d year. 
To compare apples and apples, It is not a full three-year warranty but a one-year warranty + two-year after-warranty service commitment.  
When MediCrystal or Ereada Mats are under warranty, and if the customer needs to send the unit to the manufacturer, they do not have to pay anything for the shipping (unless they ship from abroad). Since these mats are bulky, the cost of sending them back would be expensive. After some initial free period, Richway charges for both ways shipping for warranty issues. The mats are substantial, and it may cost a lot to ship them to Hawaii for repairs. 
Ereada, MediCrystal, and ThermoGem warranty do not charge any shipping fee at all during all warranty periods unless you moved abroad and need urgent assistance.
Ereada Classic Brown Mats are very similar to Richway ones.
Other Ereada Products have many additional functions and are quite different from Richway exceeding them in all parameters
Both brands are produced in South Korea, Richway by R&L and Ereada by Hyundai Medical. Both brands' products may be more reliable than even the best of made in China mats such as MediCrystal, ThermoGem, or Healthyline.
It is explained by the time in use. Chinese factories have less than ten years of experience, while Koreans were the original inventors of these products and make them for more than twenty years. 
Both Richway and Ereada Brown mats have Negative Potential Functions. Richway calls it EDNI. (Electrically Discharged Negative Ions). Ereada describes it as sinking your body into the bathtub or a cloud full of negative ions penetrating your skin into all body cells to relax and recharge those powers that move us. Anyhow it is excellent for quick rest or relaxation even without any warming.
But this function available on all Brown Ereada Amethyst Mats and Gemstone Ereada Mini Mat is available only Richway Biomat Professional 29 "x73" and bigger-sized.
MediCrystal Mats and Richway mini biomats DO NOT have this function, but they still produce many negative Ions by distinct layers with Tourmaline particles, anion fabrics, etc.
A lot of new models have appeared lately. These are Purple Ereada Amethyst Mats, Ereada Gray Amethyst Mats, MediCrystal Purple Amethyst Agate Mats, and Amethyst-Tourmaline Bio-Magnetic V-Mats, and ThermoGem Mats. All with Pulsed Magnetism (PEMF) with an adjustable frequency is not available on any of the Richway BioMats.
Purple Ereada Amethyst Mats, MediCrystal Purple Amethyst Agate Mats, and ThermoGem Mats come with a new Red Light Photon Bio Stimulation feature be beneficial for the skin. This function is not available on any of the Richway BioMats.
Purple Ereada Amethyst Mats and Gemstone Mats also have 300 Gauss static magnets built in the mat structure. This function is not available on the Richway BioMats.
The main difference between Classic Brown Ereada Mini Mats and Richway is that Richway Biomat Mini is 50% Amethyst and 50% Tourmaline, while Ereada Mini Mats are 100% genuine Amethyst like bigger brothers.  
There are different options for MediCrystal Mini Mats as pure Amethyst, Amethyst with Tourmaline, Amethyst and Agate, Amethyst + Tourmaline + Jade, etc.  
Richway makes only one product line in five sizes with only Professional and bigger biomats from pure Amethyst. 
Ereada makes three series (Gray, Brown, Purple), with different functions and pure Amethyst. Every collection comes in the same size as Richway plus a new compact pro or midsize 24 "x59".
MediCrystal makes 11 lines with different crystals from pure Amethyst and blends with other gemstones. MediCrystal offers up to 10 sizes per product line. 
Ereada Mats are heavier; same size mats come with around 25% more crystals than Richway Biomats or MediCrystal Mats.
Ereada offers various 10 models of Amethyst Pillows with a different shape, hardness, and color to match the mats.
Ereada, MediCrystal, and ThermoGem mats are sold directly to the customers at significantly lower prices than the Richway Biomat. 
Of course, Richway Biomats are products of exceptional quality, and they also have some advantages. They are shipped with the hard shell storage cases while Ereada and MediCrystal mats with soft bags. 
Richway packs products into retail colorful printed boxes with better visual appeal. They decorate the bottom sides of Richway bio-mats with beautiful ornaments. Ereada and MediCrystal do not pack with the same high-end degree of sophistication and customization.
Richway Biomat heats up a little faster while Ereada mats contain more crystals, so it takes them longer the preheat, and they are not so hot to touch, producing more heating energy in the form of FIR crystal rays.  
MediCrystal Gemstone mats are somewhere in the middle.
Ereada, MediCrystal, and ThermoGem controllers are more like professional devices of the industrial spirit era. Richway's controllers look like modern gadgets.  
Though there is also some difference in minor features/layers/etc., many customers consider Ereada mats and Richway Biomats very similar high-quality products. If you tried the Richway Biomat, you should expect the same experience from classic types of the Brown Ereada Amethyst Mats and MediCrystal Mats (without additional functions), which are very similar in technology and effects to the Richway biomats.  
The top layer of all sizes of the Brown Ereada Mats, Classic, and some other MediCrystal Mats is the human-made microfiber suede or synthetic layer softer and more durable than a thick cotton fabric of Richway Professional and Mini Biomat models.  Another Ereada, MediCrystal, and ThermoGem Mats top layer is the mesh fabric providing direct contact with crystals or stones. It may be a little harder than the soft Ereada mat suede, but we still ship all our mats together with the multilayer Protector Cover with 3-D Air-Mesh (added into the set) cushion your mats. 
It works similar to Richway Quantum Pad (though ours is thinner, it is free of charge included into the set ) to make your experience more comfortable and avoid pain from the mat ribs with crystals inside. So with the protector cover pad, the experience will be similar. With time some customers prefer to use the mat without the cover pad to enhance the stone pressure 
which works like acupuncture massage.
EMF elimination
EMF elimination system is very similar. Both passive and active EMI provides the full protection of the users of our products from harmful EMF. (Electromagnetic Interception) technologies integrated into the Ereada Amethyst mats.   
The passive system consists of double silicon and Teflon insulation and shielding of low emission titanium heating elements and the EMI. Layers of the mats with copper fiber, carbon fiber, and silver fiber control the remaining EMFs on almost zero levels.  
The active system includes the copper wire mesh and a carbon layer catching the peak electric and magnetic waves. It works with the Controller AUTO EMI function, automatically detecting and transferring absorbed by this system EMFs spikes into the wall socket "ground pin" or "neutral pin" for Earthing. 
The active system is like a lighting rod safely conducting the EMFs into the ground. It is available on all EREADA mats and is more actual for 220V European mats than for the USA, where the spikes are quite rare. Richway uses a similar EMF elimination chip, removing both magnetic and electric waves.  
MediCrystal Mats have a built-in auto EMF filter controller and passive EMI layers, but their heating systems are almost free of harmful EMFs. 
The measurement showed that even during the spikes, the intensity of the magnetic field was not more than 0.2-0.5 milliGauss (mG) which is also less than typical in the home background (0.5-4 mG) and is considered generally safe for sleeping (less than one mG is recommended). Our mats different frequencies EMFs blocking average levels drop less than 10 dB, which is far below the standards for safety established by FCC for USA and CE for Europe (40-60 dB). EMF tests in Korean registered laboratories confirm the safety and absence of harmful electromagnetic fields. 
Ereada, MediCrystal, and ThermoGem mats are the safest in the market, and they are comparable to Richway Biomats in the EMF levels and interception functions.  
But anyhow, if you are EMF sensitive, you should be aware that some parts of all brands of FIR mats are difficult to shield, and they emit relatively higher levels. These parts are generally the plugs, the wires, the connection terminal, and the controllers themselves. All more significant Mat controllers on full power emit up to 8mG, and the Mini Mat controllers emit up to 3-4mG.  
Though it is still on the safe levels but for sleeping, it is better to put the controller at some distance from your head (same as you should do with the phone charger, desk lamp, or any other electrical devices). Also, it is better to use the Amethyst pillow (or at least the standard one) to avoid the occasional contact between your head and the power connector terminal.
As for the one-by-one comparison with Richway 
Strong sides of Richways Bio-Mats:
  • Richway biomats come in hard shell storage cases, and both are products of superior quality. 
  • Richway products are more expensive (almost twice) than other mats, which may be profitable to sell for resellers. They are packed into great retail printed boxes with better visual appeal. Ereada and MediCrystal do not pack products with the same high-end degree of sophistication and sell directly to customers.
  • Richway decorates the bottom side of the Biomats with beautiful ornaments. 
  • Richway Biomats have two more layers, the so-called "Quantum Energy Layer" and the "Grape or Peach Seed fiber layer." However, there is no science behind them, and they may be non-functional but more "marketing like" claims.
  • Richway Biomat heats up a little faster while Ereada┬« mats are more substantial and contain more crystals, keeping warmth longer. MediCrystal and ThermoGem mats are in the middle.
  • Richway's controller looks excellent, like modern gadgets. Ereada, MediCrystal, and ThermoGem controllers are more like industrial-grade or the previous generation of Richway controllers (which were more reliable than their new ones but not so good-looking).
  • Richway has a well-known brand dominating the market and 20 years of history in the USA, while Ereada mats were mainly sold in Asian markets to professionals and are here in the USA only for four years.
PROS of Ereada and MediCrystal Mats
  • Some of our collections are of pure Amethyst, other use combinations of different crystals and gems. At the same time, RIchway's bio-mat mini contains only Amethyst and Tourmaline (50:50 ration), and four other models are of pure Amethyst.
  • Ereada mats are heavier and contain almost 15-20% more crystals comparing with the same sizes Richway biomats. 
  • Ereada/MediCrystal/ThermoGem sell Amethyst mats, gemstone pillows, and other infrared products directly without the MLM system. MediCrystal and ThermoGem prices are at least twice lower, and they come with much more sizes/models choice (50 vs. 5) and more free accessories in the set.
  • Though there is also some difference in minor features/layers/ etc. We consider that Ereada, MediCrystal, and Richway are similar high-quality products with the same functions, and if you tried the Richway bio-mat, you should expect a similar experience from classic brown types of our mats, which are very similar in technology and effects to the Richway biomats. 
  • Ereada Brown Mats come with a Silver Fiber Layer for Negative Potential (EDNI) generation. Richway uses a less sophisticated nano-copper fabric layer. Only Richway professional biomat 7000mx and costly bigger-sized mats have the same function.
  • Our mats with additional functions work the same in primary matters (FIR heat, crystal rays, natural negative ions by Amethyst and anion layers). Still, they also feature extra layers with an adjustable 100-400 Gauss 8-64 Hz Pulsation Magnetism (PEMF), the most advanced function for such FIR Hot Crystal Mats. MediCrystal Mats also feature variable PEMF though with lower 50-100 gauss intensity than Ereada. MediCrystal Purple Mats and 4-Gems Disks Mats have two controllers to generate 4 Hz, 8 Hz, 10 Hz, or 14 Hz PEMF MediCrystal Amethyst Tourmaline V-Mats and ThermoGem Mats have even more advanced controllers to generate 13 auto programs and manually adjust frequency between 1 and 30 Hz. Ereada Purple and Gemstone Mats come with additional layers of static medical magnets of 300 gauss intensity. ThermoGem products, Purple Ereada Amethyst Mats, and Purple MediCrystalAmethyst Agate Mats have Red LED 660 Nm "Photon" features for the skin.
  • Ereada Mats come in 5-6 sizes per collection, same as the Richway Biomat. However, Ereada Mat is additionally available in Midsize 24" x59", which is very comfortable and cost-effective. It has all functions of the Professional mat but still can be used for the whole body experience. MediCrystal and ThermoGem Mats come with a wider variety of sizes such as 18"x20", 20"x32" Mini, 20"x40" Chair Mat, 22"x48" Compact, 24"x59" Midsize, 24"x72" Compact Pro, 31"x72 Professional, 39"x75" Single, 59"x75" Double or Queen, 75"X79" King size. The choice is a big advantage and saving for customers.
  • MediCrystal and ThermoGem offer more than ten different functional products, all with heated gemstones such as flexible and bendable pads or covers, hand and leg wraps, elbow and knee wraps, vests, jackets, four belts including classic (similar to Richway's one but in two sizes), bio-magnetic with PEMF, and ThermoGem with both PEMF and Photon features. Richway has only one model of Bio-Belt and sells it two times more expensive.
  • Ereada offers various 10 models of Amethyst Pillows with a different shape, hardness, and color to match the mats. ThermoGem and MediCrystal make the widest choice of non-powered gemstone pillows and bolsters (mini-pillows) with Amethyst, Amethyst-Tourmaline blend, Pure Tourmaline, Amethyst, Tourmaline and Jade combination, and others. Almost 20 pillows are vers one model of Richway Bio-Pillow, which costs nearly three times more.
  • The top layer of the Richway Single, Queen, and King biomats is a weird plastic film. Richway Professional  Biomat 7000MX and Bio-mat Mini 3000MX have thick cotton, and two stitched transparent plastic films along all the length of the mat on top (Richway's design). It is not so soft and sweat-resistant. Richway biomats look worn with sweat spots in several years, the film deteriorates, and crystals start to leak. Richway suggests after-warranty paid service to fix the mat. However, it costs almost the same amount of money, allowing even to buy a brand new warming stone mat from us, which will never get ruined. Ereada and MediCrystals mats are newer models designed with a good knowledge of Richway's problems to avoid them. The top layer of all sizes of the Gray and Brown Ereada and some MediCrystal Mats is durable yet soft to touch human-made microfiber suede or synthetic eco-leather. Other mats fix crystals without glues by a proprietary artisan process with the heat-resistant mesh fabric allowing direct contact between body and crystals. All our top materials are heat and sweat-resistant. The PU film line showing crystals are ultrasonic bonded and withstand any heat without becoming blurred or muddy. They never leak crystals.
  • Ereada and MediCrystal Mat with a top layer made of mesh fabric may be a little harder than the soft Brown mat suede, but the multilayer protector cover with 3-D Air Mesh pad is included set free of charge is to be used on the top. It works similar to Richway Quantum Pad though it is thinner to cushion the mat, make your experience more comfortable, and avoid pain from the mat ribs with crystals. Some customers prefer to use the warming mat without the cover pad to enhance the stone pressure, which works like acupuncture massage. We also add a waterproof cover for warming mat protection. It also comes FREE in the mat's set. Of course, if you buy from Richway, you will pay extra for both the Quantum pad and waterproof case.
  • All MediCrystal and ThermoGem mats and all Ereada Mini Mats have more sensors and precise heating temperature controllers with C degrees 20-70 settings and a 1-degree step increment. Ereada mats bigger-sized than mini and Richway bio-mats use controllers with a choice of 7-9 temperature levels in the same 20-70C (68-158 F) range. They do not show the exact temperature of the mattress.

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