I found two controllers in the set of my MediCrystal mat, are they identical?

We add free of charge one more controller L-40VA (for 4-Gemstone Disks MediCrystal® Bio-magnetic mats) or L-40PVA (for Purple MediCrystal Amethyst Agate PEMF Photon mats). These are our newest variable PEMF controllers with a choice of three PEMF frequency settings 4Hz, 8Hz, 14Hz.

Hz means how many pulsations take place every second. The lower frequency (4Hz) is thought to be more calming. Eight times per second is the Schumann resonance frequency, and 14Hz is stimulative. The L-40VA (L-40PVA) controller is with a built-in auto shut-off after 8 hours timer.

The regular L-40V (L-40PV) controller is included in the set as well. It features only one 10 Hz setting but has three timer settings. 
Both controllers added to your mat box are interchangeable, and you can use that one you prefer. 
It provides more flexibility in PEMF program selection, and also, you have a spare controller in case one of them malfunctions or is damaged. FIR heating function works the same with both controllers.

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