1. MediCrystal® Flexible Warming Pad with Gems
  2. Controller with terminal and plug wires
  3. Bag for storage and carrying the pad and accessories
  4. Multilayer waterproof cover to protect the heated stone pad from sweat, moisture, and dust
  5. 3-D Air Mesh Pad to cushion the warming pad
  6. Printed Owner's Guide, Quickstart Guides

Please check for more details in the MediCrystal Controllers section.  

You set will include one of the two controllers which we typically use for Flexible pads and Classic mats.   
The pad can come either with the controller H-40N or H-60N. 
Both of them are with the connector "B" with 3+2 pins.
These controllers are without negative ion indicator, but the crystals and anion layers always generate ions when the pad is heated. If the mat is not powered, they use your body's warmth to naturally and gently release FIR and anions.   
H-40N and H60N offer 1, 4, 8 or 12 hours timer settings. You should select the timer first to activate other functions. 

Both controllers allow you to adjust heating with a 1-degree step from 86°F to 158°F displayed in Celsius from 30°C to 70°C.     

Please, first tightly connect the controller to the mat and only then to the power socket. 
If you do not use the mat, unplug the controller from the power socket but do not disconnect it from the mat frequently. 
The connection should fit snug without any allowance. If it is loose, or first you plug the controller to the electrical outlet, the mat may not function. 

You can connect the controller through an external timer. A heavy-duty one with a built-in surge protector may be the right choice for double protection and precise time setting.

We customize our mats with a couple of breathable covers. 

Please check for more details in the MediCrystal Covers section.

Usually, one of these covers is a THICK waterproof protector great to absorb sweat and keep the heated stone mat clean. It is a multilayer pillowcase style cover protecting both the top and the bottom of the mat. It comes with a one-way permeable waterproof heat-stable PVC-free Dancel membrane. This layer allows moisture to evaporate from the mat but keeps sweat, spills, smells, dirt, bed mites, and bacteria away.
The second cover is a 10 mm THICK ventilated 3-D AIR MESH PAD permeable for FIR crystals rays and ions. It keeps contact between the body and the mat dry. We add this pad to the set to cushion the mat, distribute the body weight, and avoid crystals pressure while sleeping or for extended time low-intensity sessions.
You can additionally purchase a THIN waterproof cover. It is excellent for short and high intensive procedures.
MediCrystal 3-D Pad and Waterproof Dustproof Protection Cover are included free of charge in your FiR Mat set. 
You can purchase additional MediCrystal protectors on Amazon, eBay or directly from us at $30-$100 per pc depending on size and model.
Both protectors are great for heating procedures or for cushioning. They are permeable for PEMF Pulsed Magnetic fields, Far InfraRed Rays, Negative Ions. Please, note that the thicker extra layer is on top of crystals, more heat will dissipate. So for high intensive detox “FIR Sauna” types of thermotherapy, it is better to use the mat alone or with a THIN cover. Or if you use a thicker Pad, you may choose a higher temperature level or longer session time.
If the warming gemstone MediCrystal pad is in professional use with different customers, usually a disposable underpad is also placed on top. 
Also, please make sure you read the following sections:

DISCLAIMER: All MediCrystal products are consumer home, use non-medicinal appliances for general comfort and well-being, and in no way a substitute for traditional medical care. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any medical condition, disease, or illness. The information here is not medical advice or health claim about the products. It is not a substitute for professional physician consultations. Though FDA registered facilities manufacture our products, MediCrystal® warming stone, and magnetic mats, pads, belts, vets or pillows are not medical devices. FDA has not evaluated or approved these products or information. There are contraindications similar to other spas, magnetism or thermal sessions or sauna use. Contraindications include pregnancy, immobilization, baby age, usage of pacemaker or defibrillator, organ transplants, acute illness and inflammation, mental disorders. This list is not complete. If you have any medical condition, it is ultimately your responsibility to consult a doctor about how to use the products safely. Any distribution, copying, or usage of any materials or disclosures to 3-d parties are allowed only with the written approval of MediCrystal LLC. 

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