The newer model of the Belt comes with straps! Thank you for our customers, who suggested this feature!

This product is the top quality heated stone belt with three types of crushed and polished natural semi-precious crystals of Amethyst, Tourmaline, and Jade. 

Large Tourmaline Ceramic Hexagons naturally increase the Negative Ions output using heat distortion or your body's warmth.

For PEMF magnetism and Red Light Photon sessions, you need to use the belt connected to the power socket. 
However, for warmed crystals healing, you can pre-heat the belt, unplug it and carry concealed under your clothes while you are sleeping or walking at home or even outside. Make sure you protect the belt from moisture if you go for a walk.
Red Light helps to improve the look and appearance of the skin. It helps to get rid of seasonal blue feelings.
The PEMF pulsed magnetism is like a battery charger helpful to restore those energies which empower us for everyday life.
ThermoGem combines all these features in one affordable home-use appliance.

You can put the wide part of the belt on the belly (before meals of course) or your back. It wraps your sides with comfort as well.
It is one of our favorite products. My wife uses the belt without electricity to manage her periods' discomfort, and I use it for my lower back issue. I hope you will enjoy it too.

  1. One ThermoGem Belt
  2. One controller with terminal and plug wires
  3. One handbag for storage and carrying the belt
  4. Owner's Guide
  5. A PEMF tester looks like a small two-inch high plastic vial with transparent walls and a piece of metal inside. When you activate the PEMF feature, this detector will help you to understand if the function works well. A piece of metal will move inside the vial when you put the tester exactly on the PEMF coils of your belt. (There are two or three coils in different types of PEMF Photon belts).
When you receive your item, please take a moment to verify that transportation did not damage it. 
Carefully unpack the box and check if everything is included and in due condition. If you discover that anything is missing, or there is any other reason that you wouldn't rate this as a 5-star experience, please contact us right away. We will resolve the issue as fast as possible.

Your Belt may come with either E-20PV, H-40PV (10Hz PEMF Single Frequency) or H-60PVA (1-30Hz Adjustable Frequency) controller.

Controller E-20PV for Photon and PEMF mini mats and belts
Controller H-40PV Photon and PEMF mats
Controller H-60PVA for ThermoGem PEMF Photon Mats, Belts, Vests

The controller allows you to entirely adjust heating function with a 1-degree C step from 86°F to 158°F displayed in Celsius from 30°C to 70°C.

Make sure the voltage of your power grid is the same as of your appliance. If you use the 110V Belt with a 220V power socket, it will damage the product. Please use only the same voltage product as your country power grid.

When you start, FIRST please connect the controller tightly to the belt. Only then plug the controller into the power socket. 
The connection should be a snug fit. If it is loose or you plug the controller to the power outlet before connecting it to the belt, the product may not function correctly.
If you do not use the belt, unplug the controller from the power socket but no need to disconnect it from the belt receptacle frequently. It will protect connectors from wearing and becoming loose.
All controllers are interchangeable. You can replace H-60PVA with a more simple in operation controller E-20PV, H-40PV, or H-60PV with the connector "C" with six pins and the same number of LEDs.
All controllers are without negative ion indicators, but the crystals and anion layers always generate ions when the pad is heated. If the vest is not powered, they use your body's warmth to naturally and gently release FIR and anions.    
H-controllers offer 1, 4, 8 or 12 hours timer settings. You should select the timer first to activate other functions.   

H60PVA remote allows you to adjust heating with a 1-degree step from 86°F to 158°F displayed in Celsius from 30°C to 70°C. You can also change PEMF frequency between 1 and 30Hz, or select one of the 13 auto-programs.
Please, check the following links for more information:  
ThermoGem FIR PEMF Photon Amethyst Tourmaline Jade Belt Quick Start Guide   

You can use this belt on its own or together with MediCrystal or ThermoGem vest or jacket.
You can connect the controller through an external timer for sleeping. A heavy-duty one with a built-in surge protector may be the right choice for double protection and precise time setting.
Also, please make sure you read the following sections: 


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