I read about your LIFETIME TRADE-IN POLICY in the owner’s guide. How does it work? Can I exchange my mat for a new model?

It’s simple. You may trade in your mat at any time and get 40-60% of its purchase price towards a new purchase of a mat of the same or newer model and the same or a higher price.

The cost of shipping this to you would be deducted from the original purchase price for trade-in value even if you did not pay for shipping originally. 

We accept mats in any condition for our trade-in program, including damaged, non-complete sets and even non-working ones. The only condition is that you have legitimate proof of purchase or that the serial number of the mat is registered with us. Proof of purchase usually isn’t necessary if you purchased a new mat directly from us or on Amazon.

So, no matter how much time passes, you still have almost half the value in your mat or other MediCrystal product towards a new mat should you want to upgrade.

This trade-in policy may have limitations and does not apply to pre-owned items sold by us or our representatives, discounted mats, or items that were gifted by us or provided as charity items.

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