What is the difference between different Medicrystal collections in short?

  • Design. All are visually appealing but quite different.
  • Gems used. Natural amethyst is the main healing stone of our mats. Still, other natural semi-precious crystals are used in some of our models as jade, tourmaline, agate, bian-stone, and tourmaline ceramics. 
  • Gem shape. The larger part of our mats is made with 3-9 mm tumbled stones, but some are featured with big stone disks or tourmaline ceramic octagons.
  • Flexibility: Most of our mats are to be used on a flat surface as a bed, sofa, mattress, floor. Others are completely flexible and can be used as wraps or blankets.
  • Additional Functions. All CLASSIC mats have FIR heat and negative ion layers, but there are optional PEMF or bio-magnetic functions and red light 660NM LLLT, or bio-photon functions, in other mats.
  • Warranties. Classic MediCrystal mats with FIR and negative ion functions have a 2-year warranty, the longest offered in the industry. All other MediCrystal mats with additional functions are covered for 1 year.

All MediCrystal mats produce FIR heat and negative ions, have an adjustable heating range between 86 and 158┬░F, and emit zero harmful EMFs. 

Researchers have shown the PEMF technology used in our BIO MAGNETIC MATS to benefit some people regarding pain relief, relaxation, bone, and tendon issues.

Photon therapy, or 660Nm red light therapy, was found by NASA and scientists to be beneficial for skin treatment and rejuvenation, nerve regeneration, and promoting a good mood.

You can find more information about PEMF and LLLT (Low-Level Laser or red light) technology on the Pubmed website.

If you need all the functions combined in one mat, we would recommend the tan ThermoGem mats (with amethyst, tourmaline, jade) or Purple Bio-magnetic mats (with amethyst and agate).

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